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Saving Blackie?

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2007, at 8:47 PM

Blackie On Spring Creek Trail - Colorado
We're just about packed up to hit the road for home inspections tomorrow. As soon as we heard we needed to be in Cambridge if we wanted to be present during the inspections, we made a reservation for motel and a rental car for this trip.

Now since you don't know yet, we've been pretty avid 4x4 explorers over the years, and have a modified Jeep that we usually tow behind the motor home. Blackie (our Jeeps name) is set up for just about any terrain, and while I wouldn't hesitate driving from Denver to Cambridge in it, the soft canvas top is noisy, and the ride is not exactly what you would call smooth. Not the most fun way to spend 5 or 6 hours...each way.

Nope...for longer trips like these 600 mile round trip jaunts from Denver, a rental car is our best option. I know that the rental car is saving a ton of wear and tear on Blackie. Those big mud tires would just as soon see dirt roads, and though the Jeep gets OK gas mileage, I'm sure I'll get just about double the MPG from our rental.

So you see, it only makes sense for us to rent a car to save the wear and tear on the Jeep. Or is it us and not wanting to bounce down the road, dog in the back of the Jeep sharing space with a suitcase, listening to the roar of the wind through the canvas top, and if it's really cold, the heater will just barely keep you warm?

I'm thinking the rental car is saving us.

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