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Football Fantasies

Posted Sunday, November 25, 2007, at 8:22 PM

This has been a lousy weekend for my favorite football teams. Now even though I have called Colorado home for many years, my college football alliegence has remained with my Cornhuskers. My pro football team, unfortunately the way they are playing this year, is the Denver Broncos.

The Cornhuskers got beat by Colorado, and the Broncos got beat in overtime by the Chicago Bears. Now you should understand that I love football, and go through withdrawl at the end of the season, but this year has been, and continues to be, difficult for the football fan in me.

I find it interesting that people that are usually pessimistic can become complete optimists when it comes to their football teams. People try and make believe it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game, but the reality is that it's only an entertaining game to a few fans. For most folks that watch football regularly, it's more than a game. It's a way to connect with others that share your joy and pain with the wins and losses. We stick together behind our teams, and revel in our comon bond using team spirit as an excuse. Some fans claim they "bleed" red and white, or orange and blue, or whatever the team colors are, but for the most part fans are good sports. Their coffee break discussions often drift to the last games outcome, and dinner table conversations often cover the pitfalls of the prevent defense or the teams future prospects without any real distaste for their opponents.

So I'll continue to have my football fantasies of the Cornhuskers winning the football National Championship...next year, the Denver Bronco's finding a way to sneak into the playoffs...this year, and the hope that the CU Buffalo's lose all the time.

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