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Living In A Mailbox

Posted Saturday, November 24, 2007, at 9:26 AM

During the last 5 years, we've traveled and lived full time in our RV. Now you might wonder how we paid our bills and received mail. It's rather amazing, but you can become a South Dakota resident simply by renting a public or commercial mailbox, obtaining a drivers license using the mailbox address, and registering and getting your vehicles titled in SD. For us, the analogy we like to use is that we moved from a 1800 square foot house into a 180 cubic inch mailbox.

Now the last statement above isn't exactly true since our motor home is actually around 350 square feet, but what we really did was trade space for time. Since we didn't have any home responsibilities, keeping Gozer (the name we chose for our motor home - from the movie Ghostbusters) and Blackie (our Jeeps name) running has been pretty much our required tasks. Our "house" may have been small, but the ground that has been under it has been something to behold.

We decided to rent a commercial mailbox because they offer personal mail forwarding services. When we got to an area we planned to stay for a couple weeks, we called our mailbox forwarding service and they would send our mail "General Delivery" to the local post office. This worked out great for us as we set up automatic electronic payment for all our recurring bills like vehicle insurance, road service (if you own a large motor home and travel much, you probably want this service), satellite Internet and TV, and of course we had income deposited automatically too, so we didn't need a local bank, just an ATM.

Living out of a mailbox offered some pretty cool perks. We camped along the Colorado River in Utah's canyon country, slept where WWII troops trained for desert combat in the Arizona desert, and overlooked the Badlands of South Dakota. We drove to Alaska along the Alcan Highway, and have seen whales breaking surface. We've camped in the shadow of tall mountains, near deep canyons, beautiful lakes, and rushing streams.

So you see, there is something to be said for living out of a post office box. By our choice of a rather remotely located property, I guess we subconsciously chose to continue living out of a mailbox in spirit anyway, away from crowds, sameness, and sprawl.

Maybe we're modern day hermits.

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