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The Fun Begins plus A Couple Pats On The Back

Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2007, at 8:43 AM

First the pat on the back... It doesn't matter how our house purchase contracts got sent to the wrong zip code inadvertently, but what does matter is that it got fixed...FAST! It's our understanding that the US Postal Service is responsible for helping with a quick resolution to the misdirected mail, and though we don't know any of you that helped get the documents to the seller in a timely manner and returned...We Thank You!

That brings us the fun part.

Now that we've got signed contracts, we can go ahead and get home inspections scheduled. Most of these inspections will be handled by the title company, but we agreed to talk to local experts about two issues. We understand that the house heat pump has a problem that I would like to talk to service people directly about, and I want the septic pumped at my expense and a professional opinion on the systems condition.

The power has been turned off, so we're sending a check to cover turning on power for home inspections to Twin Valleys PPD. I feel pretty ignorant about scheduling something like a temporary power turn-on, but I wrote what I think is a pretty descriptive letter of what is happening, explained that I don't know what to do, and asked "What's Next?"

Another pat on the back...

The sellers real estate agent, Diane Hoffman of Gateway Real Estate of McCook has been wonderful to deal with so far, and I told her that she is earning my 5 star recommendation. Though she works for the seller, we feel like she is working for us. She contacted the proper folks in the Cambridge town leadership and got us permission to stay in the town operated RV park for more than the posted 3 day limit. There's more about Diane, but this will have to do for now... Thanks Diane!

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