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What Was Brian Thinking?

Posted Monday, November 19, 2007, at 8:36 AM


What have we done? Why have we done it? How does it feel? Where do we go from here?

Well...Here we go!

We've lived in cities our whole lives...except for the last 5 that have been spent living and traveling full time in our motor home. Yesterday, us city folk bought the farm. Well sorta...

Before I forget... allow me to introduce myself. I'm Brian, my wife's name is Margery but you'd be better off calling her Margie, and we're The City Slickers.

We're not farmers nor do we want to be, but we crave what we think the country offers, like a quiet, relaxed lifestyle where people mean what they say, not what they want you to think. We worked high technology jobs in Colorado and had a pretty nice house in the suburbs. We never got to know any of our neighbors well, hated the traffic, disliked city noise and pollution, spent our weekends in the Colorado high country trying to escape the rat race of the city, and found it harder and harder to get away for some solitude.

Bang! Step back 5 years or so... Retired and separated from working lives, we sold our house and everything in it and moved into our motor home. We've traveled throughout the western US, Canada, and into Alaska. We've followed the seasons, and have visited many areas repeatedly and have seen the unbridled growth throughout the west. We've been constantly looking for the "perfect" place to settle down. A place where we can be comfortable and not live in a 5 acre "ranchette", gated, or covenant controlled community.

Bang! Yesterday...we made an offer on a 5 acre former hog operation in a windbreak near Cambridge NE, and it was ACCEPTED! The property has been neglected for quite a while and the outbuildings need "help!". We're surrounded by fields, and we can't see a single neighbor. We're on top of a hill, and can see distant farms, and the Medicine Creek valley is in sight.

We didn't expect to find what we think will be our dream home, and it's a LONG way from being that. You have to have an interesting sense of "vision" to imagine this rural property as being someone's dream home, but we've got the time and determination to make it exactly what we want...we think we've got a great start!

We've got home inspections to go through, cold weather coming on, and decisions to make about spending winter in Nebraska, or heading for warmer winter weather and starting our country transition in the spring. We own no furniture or appliances, and only what fits in a large motor home as our starting point for this move...

I guess Brian got his first Deere yesterday... (SEE PICTURE AT TOP)

She thinks my tractor's sexy?? What a gal!!!

Should be interesting!

You can help! We welcome any and all suggestions to help us make this transition. What are we overlooking? What would you do? Why would you do it? Let us know, and thanks for following along with The City Slickers.

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