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Lunch by Train

Posted Thursday, January 17, 2013, at 6:42 PM

Now that Little Miss is almost two, going out to eat means we have to go to the kid-centered eating establishments some of the time. We had some fun this past Sunday at lunch. The kids suggested going to Fritz's. Son-in-law mentioned trains so we figured we would give it a go.

Walking in, the staff gave Little Miss a paper railroad hat and sat us at a booth. It does have model trains but they are working trains. There was one train that just went around and around near the ceiling. It had advertising cars. The other trains delivered the food on a clever system.

After looking at the menu's we placed our order via phone. (Similar to the ones at Mac's Drive in.) Next the wait staff brought out the drinks, plates and utensils. Then we just had to wait for our delivery train. When an order is ready, the delivery train blows its whistle. It sets out from the kitchen with its cargo in a container and it heads out and around the restaurant. When the train gets close its delivery point, a metal lever comes down. As the train comes by, the food container is stopped by the lever and drops a bit to the platform. The platform slowly lowers toward the table until you can take the container off the tray.

It was great fun to watch Little Miss watching the trains and getting excited when they would come by. The food wasn't bad. It was a burger joint and with a variety of burgers. There were flavored sodas and a kid menu as well. Plus the prices were reasonable.

It was one of those places you would go to entertain the younger ones before their food arrives or you might go back just to say your meal was delivered by train. Either way, I am certain we will have to go back just for the fun of it.

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