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Sno-Cone Cups

Posted Friday, September 21, 2012, at 9:06 PM

The running joke in my family is that I will buy 'sale' items in bulk. Now some of that is true but recently my 'bulk' purchase was not entirely my fault.

I get a call from Hubby. He needs sno-cone cups for the energy class to make anemometers. Could I go pick some up when I get off work, he inquires. I asked how many he needed. He thought thirty or forty.

This time of year is not exactly prime sno-cone weather. Using my resources, I picked up the phone and called our purchasing department because if I can buy it in town, the ladies would surely know where I could get sno-cone cups.

Sure enough, they advised me to call the Mercantile. I picked the phone and called. Sure enough, they sell them and have them in stock. The nice, young lady on the phone then asks me which size I needed.



I was supposed to know what size?

Naturally, I asked what were my choices? (Not actually having a clue.) She responds six ounces and eight ounces.

Being a shrewd shopper (ha) I asked what they cost. She quoted me a cost per sleeve.

I would have to buy a sleeve of sno-cone cups but I had an appointed task and I would prevail.

Now, this is where most people would have called their spouse back and asked which size. I would have done exactly that but he had to run the clock at a game. He wouldn't be able to answer the phone.

It was time for me to make an executive decision. I thought a sleeve of each size was better than getting one sleeve of the wrong size or worse yet, not purchasing any.

Yes, indeed. When I walked out of the Merc, I was the proud owner of 500 sno-cone cups.

Remember, Hubby only needed 30 or 40. I purchased 10 times as many as he needed.

The eight ounce size was the required size. When I have to buy more in, say 10 years or so, I will know I will only have to purchase 250 instead of 500.

Life is all about the lessons learned even if it is about sno-cone cups.

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