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Posted Monday, June 6, 2011, at 7:58 PM

I haven't the foggiest why on the latest mall crawl, I noticed the silly, freaky, pink mannequins. These mannequins weren't 'real' mannequins but fake ones.

Now, let me explain my definition of fake. Fake are the ones who don't have discernable human facial features. Those hot pink mannequins were in a skinny clothing store. They were lined up with a variety of summer garb meant for a much younger and more hip clientele. I didn't notice the clothes as much as the pinkness of the display.

The rest of the mall crawl, I took notice of the various mannequins in a variety of stores. I have seen the hand mannequins in the jewelry stores and so I don't know if they really count as mannequins. Most of those hands are usually draped with various items of fine jewelry that cost more I would bring home in a years worth of Sundays.

There are the mannequins in the some athletic stores as well. I noticed a couple of varieties. Some were just regular ones but there were a couple of the athletic stores that had beefed up mannequins. Those mannequins had muscles and were quite defined. Good grief, even mannequins must work out. Those mannequins were in a variety of colors. Some were grey, some white, and some flesh colored. Most of them were abstract as they didn't have defined facial features.

In one store they had a silver shaped egg- head that was displaying rather large sunglasses.

To top it off, the pleasantly plump stores had phat girl mannequins. Now in actuality, it is nice to have a realistic view of what an outfit or shirt would look like for those of us who are, shall we say, big-boned.

The skinny underwear store only had top or bottom mannequins and these were in a variety of colors. These were usually headless or had non-featured faces. Apparently the marketers are actually wanting you to notice how pretty their underwear is on the display. I suppose they want you to think pretty so the sticker shock is somewhat lessened. I don't know how to lessen that shock for purchasing a piece of fabric the size of postage stamp which costs more than a good steak and lobster dinner for two plus drink and tip!

Upon 'Goggling' mannequin information, there are four types of mannequins. realistic, abstract, headless and bendable. They range in price and just like anything, a person can get a high dollar mannequins but the one site said if you have an outdoor window display, consider the amount of sunlight coming in the window because it can affect how long the look of the mannequin will last. There are various marketing strategies to the use and placement of mannequins and what they display. Who knew?

Now I do and so do you - thanks to those freaky pink abstract displays.

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Amazing how many different things have been developed to help separate us from our money.

Good post!

-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Mon, Jun 6, 2011, at 10:24 PM

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