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Posted Thursday, April 22, 2010, at 8:06 PM

Funny thing about a bucket list, you either keep adding to it or checking items off. I checked another one off the list this past weekend.

As a kid growing up in the Denver TV market, there were certain things you wanted to experience after watching the commercials. Blinky's Fun Club, Broncos Game, Elitch's were just a few on my list. Now, I have been to the 'new' Elitch's, was at the old Bronco stadium twice but never for football. Blinky's Fun Club - grew out of that wish a few decades ago. There was also those enticing commercials for places or things to do.

There was a restaurant advertised called Benihana. Benihana was and is still a Japanese style restaurant where the chefs prepare your meal right in front of you in a symphony of culinary artistry and showmanship.

While I was not in Denver or even at a Benihana, we experienced a steak and sushi bar last Saturday evening. It was a chance occurrence. Elder Daughter had an impending birthday so it was her choice of a restaurant. Initially, the choice was the a steak house but the wait was a minimum of an hour. The day was waning and none of us felt like waiting 60 plus minutes. So, she went for a second choice. There was a steak and sushi restaurant fairly close to where we were and we opted to try there.

There was immediate seating. We joined another group of four around the grill. We were able to order quickly and start into the courses. First there was miso soup, then the chef came out to start preparing the appetizers and main course. The kids decided to try sushi as one of their appetizers. Since we were all a bit skeptical we decided to share. Hubby opted out of that course. However, I must report that despite being skeptical, I can say I would order sushi again.

Then the chef gave me a bad time about ordering mac/cheese and when I laughed it off, I got to be the helper in his entertainment. After he built an onion volcano for the youngest of the others at the table, the chef went to work preparing the appetizers.

He asked about sauces and then told me I needed to try his new sauce, and he proceeded to squirt me with fake ketchup. And that gag was a hit with the family since I am always the one slipping on the 'shelf' area. The chef utilized great skill and proceeded to prepare and serve the eight of us at his station in less than 30 minutes. This included the appetizers and main courses. He ended his culinary show but throwing shrimp at each of us. Point being, he was aiming at the mouth. He really was doing very well, until he said "Grandma" is it your turn. I smiled and caught the shrimp. Hubby and daughter hadn't caught the comment but son-in-law did. He received mother-in-law points for not reacting until he after both his wife and father-in-law laughed more than their share.

We all left having been entertained and fed very well. We were in and out that restaurant before we would have even been seated at the other place. While it wasn't technically my adolescent wish, it was close enough to rate a check mark on that item of the list. That is the nice thing about making and editing your own bucket list, sometimes close enough is good enough.

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My favorite is steamed vegetables, mushrooms, and octopus or squid.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 11:11 AM

Sushi is YUMMY! Mike got his mom to try - and no, the other Coolidge male will not try it.... must be the genes. I did, however, make a big faux pa a week or so ago. Apparently the salmon "sliver" that was on the plate was, in fact, ginger. Popped the whole flippn' thing in my mouth and was sure that was a mistake. Thoughts of poisoning due to drinking furniture polish ran through my brain...... burned to high heaven. Apparently its purpose was to "cleanse the palate" one small bit at a time... teach me to dive head first......

-- Posted by interested_in-law on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 2:53 PM

Now I am really looking forward to going back. I will have to try some of the other suggestions of the different varieties listed on the other posts!! Plus will now know about the ginger slice. That had to hurt... ouch!! I would have cried and then laughed and then cried again. :P

-- Posted by coolidge on Wed, Apr 28, 2010, at 7:13 PM

Wow Betsy..Much braver then me..very impressed but I knew Don would pass..

-- Posted by ALL4MCCOOK on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 4:14 PM

Guillermo Inglaterra - thank you for sharing the lesson. It can be applied to many aspects of our lives.


-- Posted by coolidge on Mon, May 3, 2010, at 7:22 AM

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