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Trusses and treats

Posted Monday, October 5, 2009, at 3:02 PM

This past weekend provided me with the opportunity to see some of my friends and have an excellent experience. I have repeatedly said on the fun scale of life I usually live under the dull and boring category as fun isn't necessarily a priority. But this past weekend, I had fun. Okay - it is fun my middle-aged eyes but fun none the less.

Thanks to Facebook and my friends being truly good and persistent friends, we were able to plan a Girls' Night Out. (GNO for short). No guys. Strictly the woman folk.

Part of the gang rendezvoused at La Puerta and had excellent Mexican food. I am a bit partial to the fajitas I will add. We visited, giggled and visited some more and the time just flew. I knew people the minute we walked in and after living in the area for a decade and about one half, you would most likely run into someone you know. We also caught up with the Iowa gang at the Mill and had beverages and more conversation.

Any whoo - the primary purpose to GNO was to get a tour of our friend's new home. Now, the aforementioned abode is still under construction. Oh yes, there are trusses, roof and the rest of the framed in portions at the site. There are windows and some doors. The plumbing is coming right along. The lighting for the evening was furnished via large work lights. There was no working facilities. (a port-a-potty was available.)

I don't get to see the skeleton of home under construction as a general rule. This was cool and just not because of air was rather... chilly. The framing was done so it was easier to "see" how the finished product will come together. Now, what I can say is- awesome - will be a great word for the home when it is finished. The nice thing about get a tour for the gals is we could ask the female questions of importance. While I am certain where the electrical box is and the R-value of the insulation are rather important to the finished product, I was more inclined to ask about the bathrooms and where will the washer and dryer be. With the framing done it was cool to picture the great room/kitchen and how that will flow. Then the girl in me had to discuss colors. Plus we got to ohh and ahh on how cool the deck will be when completed. Even if my directions were totally screwed up. East was not where I thought it was in reference to location. Apparently I am going to need a compass from now on.

The tasting part of GNO was our wine tasting party courtesy of our hostess. We had several varieties of wine along with complementary foods to go along with each variety. There was the required pallet cleansing between each variety. (Still partial to the white zinfandel but I can appreciate the more red of the varieties especially the smokiness of the one - and I will have to get the name of that one.) Each of us was bundled up - winter coats, sleeping bags, blankets, boots, gloves. We were seated on the summer outdoor furniture for the "camping" part of the experience.

The scaffolding was utilized for a serving buffet and the cooler served as the required camping beverage and food chiller. Martha Stewart has nothing on the warmth and ambience at our indoor/outdoor wine tasting party home construction tour for GNO.

We were able to catch up a bit on how life is treating each other and our conversations usually ended with a lot of laughter. Thank you to my GNO pals. I appreciate your persistence with the invites. Hopefully we won't wait fourteen months before doing something similar. Remember to continue to take care of yourselves and believe in those dreams.

Life is much better when celebrated with the trusses of friendship for support and the treats of great food, beverages and the heartfelt laughter to feed the soul.

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GNO was once again, amazing. We get together and have a blast at whatever we are doing. Whether it's eating or drinking at the Mill, driving to area towns to eat, or camping out in a house being built. Friends keep us strong, young, and full of life. Even when the "old" ones crash early!! So here's to great friends and great food.

-- Posted by orangegirl8 on Mon, Oct 5, 2009, at 3:23 PM

Yes, orangegirl 8 , this 'old' one crashed early - but in my defense - it was 1 a.m.!! LOL But it was a blast. It took me three days to recover... LOL

Thank you for the nice words also Bernardcraig20.


-- Posted by coolidge on Wed, Oct 14, 2009, at 9:58 AM

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