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Posted Monday, August 31, 2009, at 2:26 PM

Since the kids decided to 'share' the news of our 25th anniversary, we have received many nice cards from so many folks. We received many on-line greetings as well. All of which were greatly appreciated. Thank you all. I am always saying time flies when you are having fun. Apparently we have had so much fun it is now 25 years later... LOL

One of the cards was actually one of those "Remember When" books by Seek Publishing.

They have historical tidbits, old advertising and other factoids about the year in question. They list music and movies and they just cracked me up.

I did find the Cost of Living page to be rather interesting and I just had to share. Okay this is for my family and friend who know I just LOVE to share useless information. Here goes and again I am quoting the information from the book from back in 1984.

New House - $86,300.00

Average Income - $21,599.00 per year

New Car - $8,749.00

Average rent - $350.00 per month

Tuition to Harvard University - $9,035.00 per year

Movie ticket - $2.50 each

Gasoline - $1.10 per gallon

US Postage stamp - 20 cents

Granulated Sugar - 95 cents for 10 lbs.

Vitamin D milk - $2.26 per gallon

Ground Coffee - $2.40 per lb.

Bacon - $1.55 per lb.

Eggs - 58 cents per dozen

Hamburger - $1.10 per lb

Fresh Baked Bread - 93 cents per loaf.

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