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You Want My What?

Posted Wednesday, May 13, 2009, at 10:31 AM

Hmmm... in contemplating the title of this week's blog.. the explanation will come toward the end of the story...

Yesterday, I went on my own little quick-trip-shopping-excursion-with-a- specific-mission.

This involved a fairly spontaneous decision to make take a bit of a road trip. The weather looked rainy. The radar was indicating bouts of heavy rain would roll through the area but hey it isn't ice and there wasn't supposed to be too much 'bumpiness' to the storms. I filled up the van and off I went for my own windshield time. I rather enjoy driving and going by myself hasn't ever been an issue for anyone except the worry warts I am related to. Cell phones help the worry part.

The mission - birthday party supplies and shower gift - both of which were for the hubby's work.

In a perfect world, the hubby would have done this himself but somehow it falls into my 'to-do-bucket.' At least I was going to enjoy the afternoon and besides, I needed to pick up some nectar of the goddesses. (Keep reading.)

Anywhoo.... I arrived at my destination with only a few sprinkles on the windshield. I hustled to the builder's store with the really, big aisles and the great indoor seasonal displays. I was specifically looking at the outdoor stuff. What I wanted wasn't on sale yet... so I turned around and went to the blue light special store. I will come back to that.

Next, I went to Wally World. I went to a big.... store. Not the smaller variety - yes folks, they have small, medium and large - super-sized stores. The one I went to was a big store. This is for the specific mission mentioned earlier.

I got the party supplies, cake, cookies, candy, mints, table covering, and the appropriate black colored birthday plates and napkins which MATCHED the table covering. (Yes, it was a theme - and yes I will get an email for that one. LOL) This was for the 'secret' birthday pal of hubby's at work who is turning 50 next week.

The shower gift was for a specific room - the garage. Okay - I didn't have the foggiest if the newlyweds actually will have a garage. I opted for car cleaning supplies because everyone usually has a car and usually has to clean said car. I got a bucket, sponges, micro-fiber clothes (those are wonderful) and some small detailing tools. I found ribbons on the discount stuff and will cover the supplies in the bucket with tissue paper and decorate the handle with bows. Hence - no need for a big, bazillion dollar, gift wrap bag. I was trying to be green. LOL (I should get an email on that too... LOL)

Plus, hubby needed chips and salads for the upcoming guy weekend gatherings - so I was able to get big bags of chips and salad supplies.

Since this was a mission trip and I decided I needed a mission too. I decided to go to the aforementioned blue- light- store and get the nectar. That was all I needed. I got to the check out and only one check-outlane of ten was open. Go figure but I wasn't in a hurry so no biggie. However, the customer service person who was working the endcaps, said that she could check me out at customer service with no waiting.

Allrighty, I put my two boxes of nectar on the counter and the gal, without even looking at me, said she would need my ID.

Seriously... I contemplated for about a split second to ask her "you want my what???" but I thought, okay, no harm in getting out the license and it would just give my kids a big giggle.

Now, please realize it has been YEARS since I had been carded and even when I was closer to 21 I very rarely got carded. I have been called ma'am since I was 16 so I have always looked ... mature.... LOL.

The clerk, who by the way had to be in her 40's too, really did scrutinize my license. She looked at the picture and then me - "that's you," she said.

She was having trouble finding the birthday line, commenting she really had to look since she didn't see a lot of Nebraska licenses - I pointed it out and then she said....

"Oh my..."

And that was all she said then, expect thank you. I just trotted out of the store - a box in each hand.

Someone else might have been offended but I just found it comical. I went out to my van and laughed and laughed and laughed.

I don't know if the "Oh my" was for a" Oh my you really are old enough" to purchase the nectar or "Oh my that she had offended me" or "Oh my - she was thinking she really needed new glasses."

The missions of the trip were all accomplished - ID, giggles and all.

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