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Lacking Pigment

Posted Thursday, February 19, 2009, at 12:27 PM

According to our new Attorney General - Americans don't "talk" enough about race.

However, I don't believe as a nation we are cowardly on the conversation. This really irked me.

Okay - I would like to know what conversations he is having because I don't remember a time in my life that "race" has not been an issue especially in the media driven world. You can tell by descriptions of people during the recent election. They made a HUGE issue of the newly elected President's race. But not once did I hear either of the opposing candidates called white. Why is that? (Rhetorical question - not needing an answer.)

It might come as a shock to the new Attorney General that some of us who may not have much pigment in our skins don't talk about race ever second of the day. Plus it might come as a shock but I don't prejudge anyone based on their skin color. There are good people in all ethnic groups or labels. There are also bad people in all ethnic groups. I grew up in the late 60's and early 70's learning about different countries and cultures which was a good thing. Acceptance of all of our differences is a good thing. I had classmates of differently ethnic groups over the years but I never saw them as a specific culture - I saw them as a person first. They may have had different tastes in food or music or movies on occasion but that was a good thing.

Most of us don't spend a lot time talking about race because we have to get to work, do the dishes, laundry, yard work, work on taxes, go to school functions, work on our Facebook profiles. And if the truth be told, I would bet if a person with more pigment than I have is probably is doing the same things - they are also working, doing dishes, laundry, paying taxes, going to school functions and working on their Facebook profiles.

The other thing I would like to point out is, as a person lacking in pigment, I can't speak of race because if I do, then somehow, regardless of my view point, I am labeled a racist. That isn't fair. I am not a racist. I just have not lived anywhere with a huge ethnic diversity, The diversity is mainly economic and religious. But how is that my fault?

Maybe it is about time in the discussion of race, we quit labeling based on skin pigment or lack there of across the board.

That is my "cowardly" opinion.

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Do you know what a waffle is? A pudgy, happy, cracker. Thanks for having the courage to speak out. The only race I belong to is 'Human.' Being asked my 'race' on questionnaires, prompted me to learn how to spell 'Mutt.' American-Mutt, no less.

In Jesus, Peace. Arley

-- Posted by Navyblue on Thu, Feb 19, 2009, at 3:08 PM

I have noticed that in the average community, the race issue is not talked about, because it is not really an issue. Government officials will bring up a race issue because it is an angle to exploit to gain funds and publicity. A loser will bring up the race issue as an angle to explain that everybody else is picking on him and there is nothing wrong with his choices.

Personally, I think the government creates a majority of the racial issues for thier own gain.

-- Posted by seentoomuch on Thu, Feb 19, 2009, at 6:02 PM

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