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Pew Bows and Chocolate Fountains

Posted Tuesday, June 17, 2008, at 4:09 AM

Down to the "home" stretch for the impending nuptials of the happy couple. Now it is just those last minute details...

Pew Bows - it is amazing what a person can bid on and buy on Ebay. The Bride didn't especially like any of the pew bows she saw in the stores or on-line. She bought a pew bow maker on Ebay and has fashioned her own pew bows with ribbon purchased at Hobby Lobby. MOB contributed the pew bow holders purchased from Oriental Trading.

Chocolate Fountains - another touch the Bride wanted. Again - purchased on-line...

Cake has been ordered. This includes a "fake" cake for decoration and sheet cakes to serve. Fake cakes are like centerpieces for the serving table. Haven't actually seen this but that is what I am told.

Mints- that is Aunt Bev's department. Cinnamon mints... yummy. Nuts - well there is always a joke here but I will refrain - will need to be purchased but will wait until the week of the wedding.

Flowers for the alter - ordered. Flowers for the wedding party -finished courtesy of the mother of the Groom.

Programs- this isn't a bad idea since you have two families coming together for the ceremony along with the friends of the couple. A part of the day this past Sunday was spent editing the program for format and consistency. Those will be printed off next week.

Tuxedos - I just hope the tuxedos all come in and that the rental ties for the ushers hopefully will match. Rental ties were cost effective versus buying ties that will hang in a closet later. After the tuxedo fiascos I have known about that is probably the latest thing to stress over. However the shop the kids are ordering from has a good reputation, so... fingers and toes are crossed. Side-note to the tuxedo stories - years ago when the MOB and FOB we getting hitched- one of the tuxedo shirts came so badly frayed and lacked buttons - that one of the guys had to have it repaired the day of the wedding. Chris was nice enough to just take care of it. But it is something you remember for "future" reference.

Decorations for the reception - arrived awhile ago - it will just be matter of putting them up.( Hint - family will be helping.)

Photographer - lined up months ago (okay months ahead is what you have to do.) Groom double checked to see if everything was still on track.

Music - picked out and taken care of. Pianist - he will be very good.

Phew - I am exhausted already and I am not even the one getting married. LOL

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Betsy, don't forget to purchase brown paper lunch sacks for the bride to hyperventilate into. :)

Sounds like everything is coming together. Hang in there! You're on the home stretch!

-- Posted by saveryhinze on Tue, Jun 17, 2008, at 10:18 AM

Thanks for the reminder. I will have to remember that.. LOL

-- Posted by coolidge on Tue, Jun 17, 2008, at 9:59 PM

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