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Line Pusher

Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2007, at 7:56 PM

Maybe it is just me. Maybe I am at a point that I am like "my" space. But what is up with line pushers. You know the type. The ones that just HAVE to push their shopping cart right up to your butt when your are standing in line at the check outs. Pushers seem to think this will somehow magically make the clerk go faster and get to them checked out quicker by pushing that piece of metal basket up your backside while you are waiting your turn to be waited on.

Now just for clarification... this also happens at the self-check. My younger daughter and I were in Kearney not long ago and there were several check stands open but this gal apparently just had to have the particular one we were at. Didn't matter there were other lanes open. She pushed her cart - NO JOKE - right up to my butt. Didn't matter that I shot her "the look". She didn't back off.

So, my way of just being ornery, is to take my own sweet time in checking out. I also take the longest time to run my nice little debit card. I am cryptically slow in entering my pin number or signing the screen. I don't budge an inch until I have methodically crammed my receipt in my billfold with the bazillion other receipts I have crammed in there previously to that.

If you are a line pusher, please don't push your cart into my backside. I am getting really ,really, good at being really, really, really slow in completing my shopping, bagging, paying and putting my receipt away. I have learned a new trick. I am just going to stand there and make you wait some more. So line pushers beware. This shopper is perfecting the art of holding up the line if you push your cart into my bubble!

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You crack me up!! I love reading your insights. They are so true! Sure miss the "Red Crush" days with your family. Happy Holidays from The Williams family!

-- Posted by Steph on Thu, Dec 13, 2007, at 7:59 AM

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