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The Amazing Spider-Man and American Reunion

Posted Thursday, July 12, 2012, at 9:54 PM

First off - sorry this review is late. To be completely honest, I've been so busy with so much stuff, I've sat down to write it over 5 different times and been interrupted every single time. This is my sixth attempt and I've hopefully blocked off enough time to get it out.

Before I jump into the reviews - let me first award a free movie rental to bjo for his/her comments on last week's blog. I give away a movie rental from Movie House to some random commenter and since bjo managed to be the only comment, he/she wins!

On with the reviews!!!

The Amazing Spider-man

My littlest one (3 years) started watching the old 60's cartoon series of Spider-man and she loved it. So, we decided to watch the entire Spider-man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi. While she got a kick out of the live action version - she much preferred the animated Spider-man. I personally really enjoyed the entire Spider-man trilogy especially Tobey Maguire. He was a perfect fit for Spider-man that it was hard to think about someone else filling the spandex for the newest Spider-man reboot. Since Raimi and Maguire decided to pass on a Spider-man 4, Sony (the company behind Spider-man movies) was forced to look at moving forward with the successful franchise and character without the two guys that made it into a successful film franchise. The hard part here is that Disney bought Marvel studios which owns the Spider-man character and was licensing out the rights to Sony. Sony had to make another movie before the rights reverted back to Marvel who could then make Spider-man movies within there own recently hatched film division and Disney's powerful movie studio. Something I would have rather seen happen since Marvel has such a great track record with combining their superheroes together especially with The Avengers which is still making loads of money at the box office. How great it would have been to bring Spider-man into the Avengers fold at some point. They do in the comics so hopefully they still will somehow in the movies - probably with a bit more negotiations since Sony still retains the rights to making movie versions of the Spider-man character.

Sony decided to reboot Spider-man with a bit younger take on the character and a slightly different origin story so that they could keep the character younger longer instead of graduating him from High School in the first movie of the series. This new Spider-man film starts out with a bit more background on Peter Parker and his parents before diving into familiar territory with a spider bite, love interest and photography. The Amazing Spider-man switches up the love interest from Mary Jane to Gwen Stacy and this is a very welcome change as Emma Stone portrays the new love interest extremely well. While Kirsten Dunst did a fantastic job overall, the chemistry between her and Tobey Maguire was not the best. Emma Stone manages to score complete chemistry with new webslinger Andrew Garfield to create a very real and intriguing romance.

It's hard to say that Andrew Garfield is a better Spider-man though and that may not be a bad thing. Tobey was fantastic and had a very geeky persona down while Garfield is a bit too hip. I can't say I didn't like his portrayal of Spider-man as I found it very well done, I just like Tobey a bit more. If I had no-one to compare Garfield to, I would probably be all about it but since I do - Tobey wins. However, Garfield still wins in the chemistry department with his leading lady and that is one part of the new Spider-man that really helps 'swing' it into the good movie category.

The biggest difference between the old Spider-man origin story and the new one is the first villain. While the first had a legendary Spider-man villain in it, this one opts for a bit of a lesser villain with Dr Curt Conners turning into the Lizard. I think the villain was my biggest complaint of the movie as he managed to not really have that quality that made you root for Spider-man against him. At points, you almost felt sorry for him and I don't think that was a good thing for this film - the audience and especially me want to cheer for Spider-man and not feel conflicted about it.

Overall, the entire film was well made and a thrilling little adventure down familiar territory. The entire thing seemed slightly unnecessary as we've all witnessed this story about 10 years ago, but the slight changes of pace and fresh faces managed to at least make it entertaining. The little one was quite thrilled with the new Spider-man but still prefers the old animated series. I think I'm going to say I still prefer the Tobey Maguire Spider-man but highly enjoyed watching another take on the character and looking forward to a new story with the new actors instead of a re-hash of the origin.

The Amazing Spider-man is playing at Cinema 3 in McCook. I highly recommend taking in a showing. I was unable to watch the 3D version, so my review doesn't mention anything of the 3D features of this film. Check out showtimes at www.fridleytheatres.com. Coming up this Friday is the new Ice Age!

American Reunion

I won't say much about this new rental at Movie House except that it's a pretty fitting reunion.

American Reunion is the newest entry into the 'American Pie' series that finds our main characters more grown up, married, having kids and things of that nature while going back to a High School Reunion. It starts a bit rocky but manages to find its comedy legs and has some funny moments. While its not the best in the series, its not the worst and also reunites the entire original cast which creates a nice feeling of nostalgia for anybody that remembers laughing to the first film.

American Reunion is out now at Movie House in McCook. Rent it today at 220 West 1st Street or follow them online at www.facebook.com/moviehousemccook

Comment below and tell us what you thought! I'll give out another free rental next week.

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