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BRAVE and 21 Jump Street, Mirror Mirror, The Artist and more!

Posted Monday, June 25, 2012, at 5:05 PM

Hey all! First off, I announced that I would be giving away a free movie rental from Movie House to one person who comments on the last weeks story. Brian Hoag is the winner! Stop into Movie House before 7/31/2012 to get one free rental. We will continue to do this each week so make sure you comment and tell us what movies you liked or didn't like this week.

In Theatres - BRAVE

Brave is the thirteenth film from animation powerhouse Pixar. Pixar is a Disney company now and has been partnered with them throughout all thirteen films. Brave marks the first film to have a female lead from the company. Brave is the story of Princess Merida who is determined to carve her own way in the world and in doing so, she defies a sacred custom. This causes uproar in the kingdom and Merida turns to a witch to help change her fate.

Brave is a top-notch animated film from Pixar with wonderful visuals, a great voice cast and a decent story. I think that the only thing holding this particular film back from absolute greatness is the story and slight pacing issues throughout the film. At times, the action and story are humming along only to get slowed down unnecessarily which causes some rough spots, but nothing that detracts from the entire film. Overall, the pacing is still enough to keep you watching but there are enough moments to go grab some more popcorn that maybe shouldn't be there.

The story seemed to be the biggest issue and that was probably because it felt too similar to the Disney catalog of animated classics. The Little Mermaid featured a female lead that wanted to change her fate and turned to a witch to end up regretting the decision. Beauty and the Beast has elements in here as well but overall, I felt like some of the story was recycled bits with a few twists that didn't feel entirely original.

Brave ended up being a fine film well worth watching over and over again. It's got a somewhat recycled story but some fresh takes on the genre while boasting truly gorgeous animation. My daughters both enjoyed it while my eldest is quite captivated with Merida. I'm sure we'll be purchasing it on DVD/Blu-Ray. I highly recommend checking this one out while its in theatres.

Fridley Theatres Cinema 3 is currently playing Brave in both 2D and 3D. They had me watch the 2D version so I am unable to comment on the 3D aspects of this film. Check out more information on showtimes and the other movies playing currently at www.fridleytheatres.com.

Movie House has a string of new releases on DVD/Blu-Ray this Tuesday (6/26/2012) including 21 Jump Street, The Artist, Mirror Mirror, A Thousand Words and Wrath of the Titans. All are fantastic films especially 21 Jump Street.

21 Jump Street was a fantastic reboot of the television show by the same name. The original show starred a very young Johnny Depp and the new reboot movie casts Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as an unlikely police duo. They are given a special assignment to go undercover at a High School. It is an amazingly fresh and extremely funny film that takes what would normally be a tired formula and somehow finds an energetic and exciting new take on it. 21 Jump Street surprised and amazed me, so if you are in the mood for comedy - check this one out!

Mirror Mirror is a new telling of the Snow White tale with minor changes to make it fresh. This was the first of the 'new' Snow White films with Snow White and the Huntsman being the second and much more financially successful film. Mirror Mirror has a few things going for it though as Julia Roberts plays her role fantastically in this one and the story is more suitable for children. I think I still prefer the original animated Snow White from Disney but this one at least is entertaining enough for a rental and the kids will like it!

The Artist

Winner of the Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year, the Artist is a must see film for any fan of the movies. This one is without words like the era of silent films it portrays. The Artist deals with the end of silent films and the coming era of talking pictures. Fantastic film! Must watch!

I haven't personally watched A Thousand Words or Wrath of the Titans. A Thousand Words is an Eddie Murphy film about a man who finds an unusual tree in his yard and that every word he speaks, a leaf falls off the tree. He refuses to speak as doing so will save the tree and him. Wrath of the Titans is the sequel to Clash of the Titans and basically offers up more action and adventure in the same style. I enjoyed the action of the first film and will try to rent this film myself in the next couple of days.

Lots of great movies to rent coming out this week at Movie House located at 220 West 1st Street. Check them out online at www.facebook.com/moviehousemccook or call at 308-345-6000.

Comment below your thoughts and opinions and I'll give away another free movie rental next week!

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