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I'm Back!

Posted Monday, January 5, 2009, at 12:02 PM

After a much needed and relatively unrestful slight vacation from the toils of work at the McCook Daily Gazette - I've made my way back, however reluctantly, and starting the movie reviews again.

So - did you miss it?

The contest is back on as well - just leave a comment and you are automatically entered to win a free rental at Movie Gallery, so join in the conversation and let us know what you think of the movies! The winner from two weeks ago is Rural Citizen with some comments about Mamma Mia!. I just need you to contact me via email with your 'real' name as well as a phone number. My email is mccookgazette@gmail.com.

Disaster Movie

I'm reviewing this one first because its the worst. This is absolute garbage and I can't quite find any nice way of saying that someone somewhere might like this. So - be warned, this is terrible.

Righteous Kill and Babylon A.D.

Both of these flicks I didn't watch, so I'm opening up the reviews to those who have had a chance to watch these two films. Both were somewhat unsuccessful at the box office and sunk pretty fast. Both come out on DVD at the same time and both didn't appeal to me. So - did anybody watch these movies? Are they worth it?

Bangkok Dangerous

I was not exactly excited to watch another Nicolas Cage film. Lately, I've been rather disappointed in most movies starring the man. But, at least the story sounded a bit interesting, so I decided to give it a try. Nicolas Cage plays an assassin who is 'one of the best' and has a lot of rules he goes by - one of which includes not getting attached to anyone and knowing when to get out. It seems that as soon as he gets to Bangkok he forgets his rules and gets attached to a deaf girl as well as a scam artist he begins to train as an assistant to him. This sets up the dramatic ending with lots of guns blazing. Unfortunately, the movie is so predictable, you know whats going to happen next and the special effects and gun fights are nothing spectacular, making this a run of the mill action thriller. So, I recommend it for a rental, but this one's probably not worth repeat viewings.

Pineapple Express

This is the one movie I've been waiting for with extreme anticipation. I never had the chance to watch this flick in theatres as it never happened to be showing anywhere close when I could find time to go. The wait for the DVD has been excruciatingly painful. I've been tempted to download it off the internet and watch it illegally many times, however I just can't stand the quality. I prefer to completely enjoy the movie rather than watch it on a tiny screen in half quality with the added benefit of knowing that I'm not supposed to be doing it. Either way - the negatives have always outweighed the positives in downloading flicks early so as I have done in the past, I waited patiently for Pineapple Express to be released on DVD. I was not disappointed. This film is excellent. It has an interesting story, a great cast, wonderful special effects, and the comedy is king. I have come to appreciate and enjoy Seth Rogen as a writer and actor. He wrote the amazingly funny Super Bad and now has his hands in this flick that he also stars in. With the help of a wonderful acting turn by James Franco, the movie soars. The basic premise is two 'stoners' go on the run after one witnesses a murder by the top dog drug dealer. They soon are on a wild chase that is basically a big misunderstanding between all involved. This is a great film and well worth watching over and over again. Rent it today!

That's it for this week - Next time, we've got Swing Vote.

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I did notice you were not doin' your normal thing, and I look forward to your reviews.

-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Tue, Jan 6, 2009, at 3:17 PM

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