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Get Smart - Win a Movie Rental!

Posted Tuesday, November 4, 2008, at 10:54 AM

So it seems that this blog is reprinted in the actual McCook Daily Gazette on a weekly basis and some people aren't catching the idea that to win the Movie Gallery rental, you must log on to www.mccookgazette.com and click on my blog to leave a comment. Now you know! So leave a comment and get a chance to win a free rental.

Now - the winner from last week is dlfiend4ever. To claim your prize, please send me an email at mccookgazette@gmail.com with your name and phone number.

On to the reviews -

Get Smart

I had a chance to watch this one in theatres and enjoyed it enough that I was excited for the DVD release. After watching it again, I'm still excited. This was a very well done remake of the hit TV series and I highly recommend it. Check out the original review at http://www.mccookgazette.com/story/14391....

Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series

This is a box set of the entire series of Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Rock was a popular puppets TV show that mixed lots of original music into its shows. I was never a huge fan of the TV show as a youngster, but my daughter loves the show now and I am forced to watch more times than I would like. However, I must admit that I am becoming a bit of a fan. The music really is top-notch and although I'm not a big fan of puppets - at least they did a really good job with them in this show. Overall - if you've never experienced Fraggle Rock, this might not be the way to go - maybe check out one or two episodes on the internet before jumping into the complete series or picking up one of the individual series box sets that have already been released. But - if you are a fan, this set has everything you could possibly want including a full 20 discs of content and over 2 hours of never before seen content.

Shrek the Halls

Didn't watch it because it was a direct to DVD Shrek Holiday movie and it didn't even make me want to see it. If someone else has seen it, feel free to post your review in the comments.


This is a flick I didn't have a chance to see - description follows:

Roy (Woody Harrelson) and Jessie (Emily Mortimer) are the perfect American couple traveling from Beijing to Moscow on the legendary Trans-Siberian Express Train. The two strike a bond with another couple, Carlos (Eduardo Noriega) and Abby (Kate Mara), who are not exactly as they appear. Unwittingly, Roy and Jessie are caught in a web of drug trafficking and murderous deceit when all four become targets of ex-KGB detective Grinko's (Ben Kingsley) investigation.

Kung Fu Panda

Supposed to come out this week, but not Tuesday. This one is getting a funny release date for Sunday November 9th and I plan on reviewing it for next week's blog post. Stay tuned.

That's it for this week. I want to thank all the people who participated in our movie discussions last week in the comments and I invite you all to join in the friendly discussion of your favorite flicks.

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I had a chance to watch 'Get Smart' and it was a great movie I thought... perfect update on the early TV series... It had great humor, with some fairly good action as well... the sky-diving scene was, ironically enough, one of the most realistic sky-dive scenes I've seen in a long time... almost better than any of them in the Wesley 'I ain't gotta pay my taxes' Snipes flick 'Drop Zone'.

'Fraggle Rock' is the greatest Jim Henson creation ever! And I say this because he didn't invent the TMNT naysayers... 'Fraggle Rock'... that theme song... the characters... just remember...no matter what... dance your cares away...worries for another day...

'Shrek The Halls' was actually a rather cute little 'Shrek' thing if you enjoyed any of the first three. It wasn't actually a straight to dvd release either... it was on ABC sometime last time around Christmas... It had all the characters from the movie, and was rather a cute little thing for the family to sit down and watch.

-- Posted by ringobonham on Wed, Nov 5, 2008, at 5:41 AM
Cody Dame's response:
Yes, I remember now about Shrek the Halls being on ABC. I forgot about that, either way, I think I would still classify it as direct to DVD. I'm not too educated on realistic sky-dive scenes, so that didn't stand out to me, but my favorite line in the whole Get Smart flick was "You know, you're the only human being I know who snores when he's awake." That line just cracked me up.

We just rented Get Smart last night. It was so funny, I recommend it to everyone!

-- Posted by april_n_mike on Thu, Nov 6, 2008, at 11:03 AM

get smart was great, we got it last night and it was fantastic. especially the end part with the large lady dancing(not a spoiler as you see it on the commercials) you know what i'm talking about. The whole movie had good action and good humor.albeit some of it a little over the top, but that is partially what made it good.

-- Posted by billybobi on Thu, Nov 6, 2008, at 3:57 PM

First of all, I'd like to thank you for the free movie. Please don't put me in this week's drawing. It wouldn't be fair to other commenters.

Get Smart is a lot funnier than I expected. It'll probably make it into my DVD collection very soon. My kids laughed their fool heads off, and even my boyfriend laughed (it takes a lot to make him laugh). Loved the two nerds in the office.

Finally got around to watching The Happening, too (used my coupon for it). I wouldn't say it was M. Night's best movie, but it was good, in a kind of lukewarm way. Not something I feel the need to buy, but none of his are, with the possible exception of Signs.

Never really got into Fraggle Rock, I was always more of a Muppet Show kind of person. (Animal's my fave) My kids will probably talk me into renting Shrek the Halls (since we own all the movies, including the 3D short that takes place between 1 & 2), but they don't know it's out yet. I'm sure we'll have to do Kung Fu Panda first.


-- Posted by dlfiend4ever on Mon, Nov 10, 2008, at 11:09 AM

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