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Sex and the City Movie, Leatherheads, Run Fatboy Run, and The Foot Fist Way

Posted Monday, September 22, 2008, at 11:14 AM

Another batch of flicks releasing Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008.

Sex and The City Movie

First, I don't have Cable TV. Actually, I don't get any TV signal at all. I watch strictly movies and/or TV on DVD. So, to say I never watched Sex and the City show on HBO is an obvious statement. However, now that it was a successful movie, I felt compelled to watch and review. My review fails to be good. I can't say I was interested by these characters at all and I'm sure someone who had watched the entire series would love it. The general storyline was decent and the humor was the only part that saved the whole movie from just being 'blah' in my eyes. There are some definite parts I couldn't help but laugh, even if I wasn't completely connected to the film or the characters. Overall, not something I'm really going to recommend to any guy. Girls may enjoy it much more as it is geared mainly to that gender, however I still can't really recommend it, as I wouldn't watch it again myself.


Now here is a flick that is rooted in old time's and the movie making seems to be rooted in old time traditions as well. George Clooney of ER fame, directs and stars in this flick about the start of professional football. How close to reality this is, I'm not sure, as I did absolutely no research on it after watching the film. However, I did enjoy the story, the deception, the humor, the acting, and the simple old drawn out storytelling that modern movies bypass for effects and awesomeness. This flick truly feels like it was filmed in another time and adds to its charm. I really enjoyed the witty play between the three lead actors/actresses including Renee Zellweger, John Krazinski, and George Clooney. Overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend to almost anybody, however, like Sex and the City, this is a bit more geared to the guys. You know, football and all.

Run, Fatboy, Run

This flick is about a guy who happens to run away from his wedding day and his pregnant bride. Skip to 5 - 6 years later and he realizes his mistakes and stupidity, while the wife is busy romancing a new guy. The rest of the flick involves our main guy trying to win back his former love while competing in a marathon with the new guy. The entire flick is meant to be a comedy with a dramatic center, and does well with this setup. It is funny in parts, but mostly just worth a smile at most jokes. I was a bit disappointed with the flick as I really enjoyed lead actor in 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz,' however he is not nearly as entertaining in this flick. Whether that's his fault or the fault of new director David Schwimmer of 'FRIENDS' fame. This is a decent flick with heart and is well worth watching.

The Foot Fist Way

Didn't watch it so here's a description:

The literal translation of "Tae Kwan Do," THE FOOT FIST WAY is a hilarious look at a suburban North Carolina strip mall martial arts school run by a bullying egotist (Danny McBride). Shot on the cheap (in just 19 days), the film uses its... The literal translation of "Tae Kwan Do," THE FOOT FIST WAY is a hilarious look at a suburban North Carolina strip mall martial arts school run by a bullying egotist (Danny McBride). Shot on the cheap (in just 19 days), the film uses its shortcomings to its advantage, keeping the action low, the kicks flying, the wood splintering, and getting all the minutiae of after-school karate class just right. Co-screenwriter/star McBride brings realistic gym coach qualities galore to his character, Mr. Simmons; the deadpan documentary tone is spot-on and there's a sense these students are actually learning this art as the movie goes on. McBride's writing partners play other Tae Kwan Do professionals: Ben Best is fun as the debauched action movie star rival, Chuck the Trucki; co-writer/director Jody Hill shows up in a hilarious bit as Simmons's mystical fifth-level blackbelt compadre. Mary-Jane Bostic is frighteningly vivid as the spandex-clad, habitually unfaithful Mrs. Simmons. Stylistically, this comedy has a lot in common with deadpan fly-on-the-wall mockumentaries like THE OFFICE and BORAT. Thematically, there are in-depth looks into issues of male maturity and bonding, so beloved of the Will Ferrell genre (Ferrell's company snatched it up after it rocked the house at Sundance). Be warned: though the movie is full of little kids, it earns its R-rating with disrespectful language and drugs/sex/violence-filled situations. The very cool prog rock score is by Pyramid.

That's it for this week. Next week, IRON MAN!

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