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Stop-Loss, The Tracy Fragments, Sleepwalking, Superhero Movie

Posted Tuesday, July 8, 2008, at 10:49 AM

As always - New Movie Reviews - Fresh from the Movie Gallery


This is an entertaining drama about high school friends who join the military and go to Iraq. They serve the United States for many years and eventually have the chance to get out. Each of them decides not to re-enlist only to find out that directly before they get out, they've been stop-lossed, which means the government requires that they go back to Iraq. One of them fights it and the rest of the movie is all about his fight to not go back to Iraq after he's already served his commitment. This is an emotional drama with seasoned actors doing an excellent job portraying the characters. Without a doubt, this movie will hit home for some families with loved ones serving in Iraq and especially those that have been stop-lossed. I really enjoyed the flick and everything it had to offer. At times, it was a bit boring and started to lose my interest, but there are enough twists and turns to bring you back into the story. This is my pick of the week.

The Tracy Fragments

This is an independant flick about a teenage girl who doesn't quite like her life, matter of fact, she says she hates it. The story revolves around her shortcomings and downfalls with the background of her little brother's disappearance as she was supposed to be watching him. The movie skips back and forth between time to show the story in a very creative way. It even fragments the screen almost the entire movie to show you the events many different ways and many different times. It seems like it can be confusing, but really is very easy to follow which is a testament to the editor who did an excellent job mixing the film. Ellen Page(Juno) stars as Tracy and knocks out another wonderful performance. Ellen will be an actress to watch as she continues to take on interesting and varied characters that really stretch her acting abilities. The Tracy Fragments is a decent all around.


This is another independant flick with some big names like Charlize Theron and Dennis Hopper attached to it. Anna Sophia Robb plays the main role of a 12 year old girl who's mother abandons her. She teams up with her Uncle and they go on a trip across the country to visit the girl's Grandpa for the first time. This movie is very slow, but decently rewarding to watch the transformation of the characters. In all, the flick had some decent acting and a somewhat decent script that all played together to make a so-so film. I am glad I watched it, but would probably skip it if I had the chance to watch it again.

Superhero Movie

Didn't watch it because it's the same thing as Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie and the others. So, if you like those flicks, you'll enjoy it. If you didn't like them, then stay away!

That's it for this week. Come back next time for more flicks from the local Movie Gallery.

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