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Assassination of Jesse James, Across the Universe, Brave One, Elizabeth, and more

Posted Tuesday, February 5, 2008, at 9:56 AM

Another hefty week of hot new dvd releases comes Tuesday.

First up, Across the Universe.

It's no secret, I loved this movie. Beatles songs mixed with a story dipped in crazy creativity makes this one of my top ten movies of 2007. The flick is a musical but this time, the songs are all familiar as they are mostly popular, sometimes a bit non-popular Beatles songs. Director Julie Taymor wound the songs together into a nice little story that when the actors/actresses aren't singing to the Beatles, they are paying homage by little quirks of dialogue such as a scene when a character named Prudence comes in through the bathroom window, another character named Jude, appropriately explains she came in from the bathroom window. If you don't get that or you don't get the significance of the names, you may not get a lot of the inside nods, but you will still enjoy yourself as the movie is put together in such a way that you don't need to know inside information to have fun. There are lots of psychedelic scenes and just plain weird montages, but the movie draws you in so much that you just sort of get lost in the spectacle of it all. I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Probably the second best movie of 2007 in my opinion.

Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Unfortunately, Movie Gallery has yet to receive any copies of this flick and I refuse to buy before I rent so I'll wait for Movie Gallery to get it. If you see it before me, let me know what you think.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

I find that the description is the best way to describe this epic drama. Growing keenly aware of the changing religious and political tides of late 16th century Europe, Queen Elizabeth finds her rule openly challenged by the Spanish King Philip II -- with his powerful army and sea-dominating armada -- determined to restore England to Catholicism. Preparing to go to war to defend her empire, Elizabeth struggles to balance ancient royal duties with an unexpected vulnerability in her love for Sir Walter Raleigh. But he remains forbidden for a queen who has sworn body and soul to her country. Unable and unwilling to pursue her love, Elizabeth encourages her favorite lady-in-waiting, Bess, to befriend Raleigh to keep him near. But this strategy forces Elizabeth to observe their growing intimacy. As she charts her course abroad, her trusted advisor, Sir Francis Walsingham, continues his masterful puppetry of Elizabeth's court at home -- and her campaign to solidify absolute power. Through an intricate spy network, Walsingham uncovers an assassination plot that could topple the throne. But as he unmasks traitors that may include Elizabeth's own cousin Mary Stuart, he unknowingly sets England up for destruction.

The Brave One

Jodie Foster stars in this flick as Erica, who is engaged to David. One night, they are attacked randomly and David is killed. Left alone, Erica begins to fear the places she used to feel safe at. Eventually she takes steps to arm herself which turns to the inevitable, when Erica shoots someone. Then again, but is it in self-defense or did she purposely not get out of harm's way? Erica struggles with this as she turns into a vigilante. Eventually, a detective starts to close in on her and Erica has to decide whether she is in the right, or becoming the very thing she wanted to protect against. The movie is decent and well worth a rental.

Fierce People

The tagline to this movie is 'Nothing is more Savage than High Society.' The movie plays pretty accurately to this title as it starts out with our main character played by Anton Yelchin watching primitive tribal footage. He is gearing up to go live there with his Dad who has been living and studying them for a long time. His mother is addicted to drugs and insists that Anton goes and gets her some. He gets busted and can no longer go stay with his dad, so his mom carts him off to a old rich guy's estate to live there. Soon Anton has made friends with most of the young servants and starts to date the daughter of the rich guy. Soon after, he is beat almost to death. The rest of the movie deal with his struggle back to health and to find his attacker. The movie contrasts the high society people with wild animals and the primitive tribes throughout. Not a boring movie, but not fast paced, which can make watching it a little tedious, but overall, worth a rental to see for yourself.

Other new releases for the week include Feast of Love, Blind Dating, The Jane Austen Book Club, 2 Days in Paris, and more. Check them all out at the local Movie Gallery!

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