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Reign Over Me, Surf's Up, and Evan Almighty

Posted Monday, October 8, 2007, at 10:10 AM

It's new movie time! This week, a batch of big titled flicks hit the rental shelves.

Reign Over Me

Reign Over Me is the newest film from Adam Sandler. Normally, the name would inflict images of comedic genius, however this is one of Sandler's dramatic roles. This isn't something new to Sandler who has turned in wondeful roles in Punch Drunk Love and Spanglish. Both were quirky romantic stories that showcased Sandler's dramatic acting skills. This is slightly the same, but slightly different.

The story is about Sandler's character Charlie who has lost his entire family in the plane crash of 9/11. Don Cheadle plays Charlie's old roommate that finally gets back in touch with him. At first, Charlie refuses to remember him, but starts to loosen up. It's easy to see Charlie is hurting and everything is being done to try to help him. Charlie reluctantly begins taking the help.

The show is very moving and powerful. Sandler does a marvelous acting job and Cheadle supports him so wonderfully. The film loses itself to pointless meandering at times, but keeps the viewer engaged in what is going on. Very highly recommended to rent.

Surf's Up

Nobody needs more penguin movies. Over the past couple years, Hollywood has had an obsession with penguin themed movies. It all started with the March of the Penguins. To say the least, I wasn't the least bit interested in this show, except for the fact that Shia

Lebouf was going to be the main acting voice.

After watching the show, I say give me more penguins! The movie Surf's Up is about a penguin named Cody who dreams of surfing. He isn't half bad but needs to get to a competition and when a scout comes by his part of the world, Cody jumps at the chance and is soon on the island taking part. By chance, Cody runs into his idol and begins to learn that winning a competition isn't everything.

The flick has a great message for children and is presented in such a way that the story is engaging and fun for adults as well. The filmmakers used a documentary style of telling the story that is fresh and original to the animation field. They accomplished this by animating the sequences and then hooking up a live camera to the computer animation and having a real live cameraman control how the film was shot. It is pretty cool and now you know it pays to watch the special features!

Surf's Up is EXTREMELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for rental. You might just end up buying it on a Movie Gallery special pre-played deal.

Evan Almighty

This is considered the most expensive comedy ever made. Why? After watching it, I don't see a whole lot of reason. Either way, the film, judged on its own merits is decent for a watch.

I am a big fan of The Office TV show and Steve Carell is an absolute hilarious presence on that show. But, when given the reins to this big-budget comedy, Carell falls a little short on delivering the HUGE laughs that I have come to expect from The Office on TV. This doesn't mean that the flick is not good. I really enjoyed the overall story as it has lots of meaning. I was just going into it expecting more from Steve Carell.

Evan Almighty is a sequel to Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey. Steve steps in to anchor the main actor position. The same plot and storyline are lifted from Bruce and applied to a new situation with Steve. Morgan Freeman is back to play God. Steve's character Evan is requested to build an ARK for God. Through many mishaps, Evan begins to give in and build the ARK. In the end, the ARK sails.

With such a huge budget, Steve Carell, and a wonderful springboard of a first movie, Evan Almighty had a lot to live up to in expectations. I think that most people who gave Bruce Almighty such amazing success will enjoy this new installment in the 'almighty' series. I found myself laughing at many parts and enjoying the show. I think this one is a must-watch for most families.

That's it for the reviews this week. Be sure to check out Movie Gallery in McCook for more details and other new releases that I didn't review such as 28 Weeks Later, a zombie flick.

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