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We Are Marshall, The Condemned, and more...

Posted Tuesday, September 18, 2007, at 11:13 AM

This week releases many new DVD titles including We Are Marshall, Death Proof, The Condemned, Insatiable, and more. I have reviewed two.

We are Marshall

Marshall is an interesting film. It takes a real sports tragedy and centers the story around the emotional rebuilding of the town after the tragedy. The entire film is based on a plane crash that took the lives of 75 people from Marshall, including the entire football team. A few select players were not on the plane because of injuries and only one coach was not on the plane. The dean of Marshall University and the board of governors consider shutting down the football program for a year but the remaining football players rally the town into supporting a decision to keep the football program running. It works and the Dean starts finding a coach. He finds one and the slow rebuilding process begins.

It is interesting to note that the entire movie is not centered on football. The movie is centered on the heart and emotion of the various townsfolk who have been affected by the plane crash and the difficulty of moving on. A very emotional story told in the best way, We are Marshall is a great film. From the opening, the director (McG) uses impending doom to lure the audience in, and slowly turns it into a story of hope and courage. The acting can be a bit dry at times, but MatthewMcConaughey try's to carry the entire movie on his charm. He accurately portrays the real-life coach and brings energy, charisma, and lots of spark to the film. Enough cannot be said ofMcConaughey , as I couldn't help but be impressed by his wonderful delivery. Matthew Fox plays the only coach to not be on the plane and accurately portrays a man trying to move on but honor his former teammates, colleagues, and friends. Overall, the movie has some flaws, but are easily overlooked if you become attached to the true center of the film. We are Marshall is worth your time and I would recommend it to anyone.

The Condemned

The Condemned is a film from the World Wrestling Entertainment company and is the latest in a string of films starring pro wrestlers. This time it's Stone Cold Steve Austin's turn and they tried to create a film around him. They came up with an incredibly violent and mind blowingly dumb story that only serves to create fight after fight after fight. It stops for a second to have a weird preachy moment about violence but then just jumps right back into senseless fights. The story revolves around a millionaire who 'purchases' inmates on death row from around the world and drops them on an island with a bomb around their ankles. They are told that the bomb will detonate in 30 hours unless there is only one survivor left on the island and that particular survivor will get his ankle bomb removed and left to go free into the world again. The inmates all begin to fight except Stone Cold, who is actually a U.S. agent who was imprisoned on a failed mission. Not a killer by nature, Stone Cold tries to find a way out of the situation without violence but eventually has to fight.

The show is so bad, it's good. It's so badly acted and scripted that it is oddly compelling. I would not recommend this film to anyone under the age of 17, however, if you are one of those lucky 18 and over crowd, you'll probably find yourself having a good time with this show, even if it's not a 'good' movie. I couldn't find any other way to describe this show than unnecessarily brutal. With all of its flaws, this is still the manly man's movie of the year and knows it. The film has a built in fan base from the WWE and will gain many other viewers from its hardcore fights. In all the best ways, this is a campy B-movie that delights in its wackiness. Give it a shot if you want violent fights without a lot of drama.

Other titles released this week at Movie Gallery in McCook include Death Proof and Insatiable. Death Proof is the new film from Quentin Tarantino and was not available to review before printing, however it should be extremely well made. Check them all out at Movie Gallery today.

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