Amy Strauch en-us Itchy Dogs Hi all! Yeah, its been a while. For those of you who don't know, I became a mom to twin boys in November 2011 and have absolutely very little free time anymore. I'm not finding the right motivation to write fiction these days (and I'm at work right now). So, what prompts a blog today? Well, I'm at work with no Doctors, no appointments, things I should be doing and I get this phone call about an itchy dog. So it went from somewhere in the middle of my list of blogs to write to the top and... Fri, 17 May 2013 12:47:08 -0500 Buying or Adopting a New Puppy I'm currently attending the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Asso0ciation) in Denver to get continuing education hours in order to keep my license. I have been learning many new things, got a refresher on some other things and had a good time with some friends. Last night we escaped the hotel room and visited a nearby mall, ate some really good Greek food and tasted some exotic teas. There was also a pet store. In this pet store was a red and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If he'd... Sat, 17 Mar 2012 22:16:11 -0500 Who's the Boss? If you're one of those dog owners who eat after your puppy & lets them eat however much they want of whatever they want, walks out the door after your puppy, kiss your puppies face and gets all excited when you get home then your dog has you trained. Little dogs get away with this all the time especially poodles, Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Havanese, Coton de Tular's, etc. This morning I took in a dog for boarding and she's a sweet little dog but her owner got all kissy faced with her before... Sat, 05 Mar 2011 18:52:39 -0600 Those Annoying Little Fleas I know I'm a little late considering how little is left of the summer. I've been trying to write this for at least a month. I'm really looking forward to frost this year. Why? Because I'm tired of the fleas. Usually fleas are a fall problem in this area. Ticks are the spring problem. This year the fleas arrived in April and have been here all summer long. So what are fleas? For those of you who've never seen a flea, they are small, about double the size of a poppy seed, brown and... Thu, 09 Sep 2010 15:53:37 -0500 Eight Days After The Fire I finally made it out to my parents after the fire on the 23rd. I should have gone last weekend but it slipped my mind. I was surprised at how much had burned. I was also surprised at how much of the trees my grandparents (Marvin & Ruth Nelms) had planted many years ago still stood. The yucca plants look pretty strange. As I walked through there today I thought about the firefighters, not just the ones in our community but the ones who fight fires in the forests of our National Parks. I... Wed, 31 Mar 2010 19:52:58 -0500 Tips For Your Next Veterinary Visit 1. Have records from your previous veterinarian. We'd like Doctors notes, lab results, x-rays if any and a list of all medications. This is especially important for second opinions. 2. Keep track of how long problem has been going on, how often and what also happens. Also a list of possible toxins they have access to would be helpful. Toxins like antifreeze, fertilizer, insecticides, chocolate, raisins, onions, tylenol, etc. 3. What your dog or cat eats: brand name, table scraps,... Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:38:13 -0600 Obedience Training & Saving Lives Obedience training is probably the best thing you can do with and for your dog. Training eliminates confusion, making life simple when your dog knows whats right and wrong. So many dogs are eager for rewards and praise that once he/she knows what's expected of him that you'll soon have a relaxed, happy and confident companion whom you trust. So long as you are consistent with your commands and being the leader. The sad part is that so many dogs are untrained in good manners that many of... Mon, 25 Jan 2010 10:23:34 -0600 Cirque De Freak- A book review I decided I need a change of pace and I finished a book last night that I really enjoyed reading. Cirque De Freak A Living Nightmare I'm letting out a side most people don't see. My freaky side, the one that loves reading and writing urban fantasy; primarily the mystery, suspense thriller stories but I'll read the occasional romance if there is more than romance to the story. If you've never heard of Carrie Vaughn, Laurel K. Hamilton, Christopher Pike or L.J. Smith then this may not be... Wed, 25 Nov 2009 22:01:11 -0600 Dog Bite Prevention Even the cuddliest, fuzziest, sweetest pup can bite if provoked. Most people are bitten by their own dog or one they know. Some owners actually promote aggression in their dogs or allow aggression to go unchecked. Did you know that 50 percent of all children in the United States will be bitten by a dog before their 12th birthday? Did you know that 800,000 bites a year are severe enough to require medical treatment,... Mon, 26 Oct 2009 19:56:05 -0500 Feral Cats 2 Britain has an estimated 7 million pet cats and 1 million ferals. By comparison, the United States has approximately 60 million pet cats and 60 million ferals. Feral populations are swollen by breeding and the dumping of unwanted pets; 5 million cats and dogs are 'dumped' annually according to the US Department of Agriculture while American surveys suggest that between 36% and 60% of unneutered pet cats go feral within 3 [I'm not... Mon, 17 Aug 2009 07:35:54 -0500 Ordinances, What Other People Have For those of you who would like a little more clarification about how we came up with animal limits, license fee's, that insurance requirement for keeping vicious or potentially vicious dog and many other things. Here it is. How did we come up with the vicious or potentially vicious dog recommendation? We followed state guidelines. Did you know dangerous dogs are required to be microchipped by a licensed veterinarian? I'd forgotten until I re-read LB-1055. Now for those license fee's... Wed, 12 Aug 2009 17:26:27 -0500 Animal Control & Then Some I attended the city council meeting last night. Frustration and anger were far too high. Perhaps I should have written this while I was in the mood to rant. I thought I'd wait and get things straight in my head. So many people who attended last night were confused, didn't understand why we started this and misunderstood the proposed ordinances . Remember these are proposals or considerations. They haven't taken effect yet and they don't have... Tue, 04 Aug 2009 11:08:15 -0500 Kennel Cough, Rabies & Dog / Cat license This is a long one. I guess I've been holding it in too long. Happy Reading! __KENNEL COUGH__ Lately we've had a resurgence of canine (dog) kennel cough aka a bacteria known as bordetella bronchiseptica. That name might look a tad familiar. Human whooping cough is bordetella pertussus. While this disease is annoying, for most dogs it's not serious. It is common to hear a honking cough (they sound like a goose honking) and this can go on for days, even weeks keeping you up at night.... Fri, 29 May 2009 09:53:13 -0500 Yesterday was interesting We had a second opinion puppy come in that I'm not sure I should talk about but it's such an interesting case. I'm keeping names to myself so as not to embarrass anybody. This poor dog had been having digestive problems for a month. Well, we did a diagnostic workup- x-rays, blood work, exam and only found a solid mass in the intestines. Since we were unsure what the mass was we asked the owner who thought the dog may have eaten a walnut. The x-rays didn't show anything as dense as a... Fri, 13 Mar 2009 19:52:38 -0500 When Is It Time To Let Go? Forgive me for being brief, this is a subject I prefer to avoid but a long time friend may be taking a final journey in a few days. We've enjoyed his company every time he comes to visit. We've lost a lot of long time friends of the last year or so. Puppies I met when I first started working after college 13 years ago are now old dogs. Where has the time gone? So when is it time to let go? It's a question we love and hate to hear. We love that you care enough about your pet to ask us... Sat, 07 Mar 2009 19:43:48 -0600 Picking a Puppy Part 2 This is one of many cases where the adage "Nothing is ever free" comes true. When you find a free puppy / kitten in the newspaper or street corner you don't know a lot about the animal you are considering to take home. Have they had any vaccines? If so, when and what kind / brand? Because your vet want's to know, so they don't have to repeat anything. (So, I'm also having fun learning html code.) Have they had a fecal exam or any dewormer(s)? What kind and when? Do they have fleas? ... Sun, 02 Nov 2008 22:13:19 -0600 Dog Parvovirus Rears Its Ugly Head If your dog hasn't been vaccinated for parvo in a year or more or if your puppy hasn't had any vaccines or hasn't had a set of three then you might want to look into it. Here's why... I was going to post part 2 of getting a puppy but passing on parvo information seems more important right now. There is a lot of parvo going around in our community Gemini's owner can vouch for it. His owners only had him for 4 days before he started showing symptoms and his bill was more than I'd care to... Thu, 16 Oct 2008 20:11:16 -0500 Picking a puppy part 1 I thought I'd elaborate on the comment I posted a week or so ago on the letter to the editor that was written by Linda Dethlefsen. Now, I'm not a trained pet behaviorist (but I can recommend on locally) and I'm not trying to fix anybody's pet problems. There is a book my Doc's recommend and I believe the library has it. It is The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell and she explains why dogs do what they do. Someday I'll go for training. My comment... Mon, 06 Oct 2008 15:26:20 -0500 Signs Your Pet Needs To See A Vet I was playing around on one of my favorite veterinary web sites and I found this. We get asked this question on a daily basis and honestly, it's getting old. Here's a very good list: Vomiting (bring in within 1 day or less) Diarrhea (bring in within 1 day or less) Unintended weight loss or increase Change in appetite--decreased or increased Change in normal activity level: lethargy, hyperactivity, or restlessness Limping (within 1-2 days unless it's dangling) Sudden inability to move... Mon, 08 Sep 2008 20:10:07 -0500 Responsible Dog Breeding Sure. Who hasn't thought, "We'll let her have just one litter." It's that first litter and well every litter that's unpredictable. Things could go easy and the puppies could come out without any problems. But there are so many things that could go wrong, so many things you need to know about. And all those things that go wrong could be expensive. Before you even consider letting her get bred, you need to think about what you're gonna do with the puppies after they are weaned. We all... Tue, 26 Aug 2008 21:33:21 -0500