Praise & Poetry by Arley Steinhour en-us RSVP Requested __RSVP Requested__ By Arley Steinhour 081617 The Night was Decorated, With Flashings in the Sky, Thunder hardly Dissipated, Like Drums of War, we must Comply. Then, comes the Morning Dawn, Clouds above do greet the Sun, New moisture, treating the Lawn, That I may 'Better, Praise the Son.' Life on Earth does hold our Wonder, Of God's Ways of Maintaining All, Both, Man and Creature, here-Under, From, Refreshing Canopy above the Pall. He Created all we See, and Have, The... Wed, 16 Aug 2017 08:32:22 -0500 Author Selection __Author Selection__ By Arley Steinhour 081517 Let the Mountains Echo Laughter, May the Prairie see Eternal Day, Once man Reaches the Hereafter, After, Graduating from Satan's Sway. Six Thousand Years in Rehearsal, to Make, Two Thousand each, Acts One, Two, and Three, Will, soon Play to 'Final Curtain Drape,' From 'Tribulation of Destination,' for you and me. The 'Dress Rehearsal' is Playing itself out, Unto the Final Two Curtain Calls for 'Certainty;' The First, called... Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:15:28 -0500 Closing grace Concession __Closing Grace Concession__ By Arley Steinhour 081417 The First Seal of Doom will be on the Door, In Eight more Days, God's Sign of Eclipse, Crossing this Nation, to Seal Evermore, 'Laodicean Curse,' completed in two Trips. The First Seal will be August Twenty-One, In this Year of our Lord, 'Five-Triple-Seven, With Final Seal Crossing, in 'Seven,' to be Done, On April the Eighth, Five-Seven-Two-Four. The 'Year Marks' are Hebrew, not Gregorian, As, God doesn't count, as do... Mon, 14 Aug 2017 09:08:45 -0500 Accountable Preparation __Accountable Preparation__ By Arley Steinhour 081317 Blessed are you O' LORD our GOD, King of the Universe, For Coming as Messiah/Emanuel, to Curse, or Free, All the SIN, Man Commits, by 'Placing SIN Back, in Reverse,' Because, Adam and Eve, Relinquished Innocence, at 'That Tree.' 'Choice,' you gave them, and they tasted of the Fruit, Of, 'Knowing Good and Evil,' both Front and Back That All Things, in Universe contains, 'Free, and a Destitute,' Like a coin, Head and Tail, on... Sun, 13 Aug 2017 10:25:36 -0500 Book of Life Census __Book of Life Census__ By Arley Steinhour 081217 Today, Dear Lord, I Welcome, Yet, another Sabbath Day, Reborn in You, with Freedom, To Disciple you, in Every Way. Your Spirit, Dwells within my heart, To Guide and Teach, your Love, That I may soon, Take my Part, As Family, with You, Above. To, Break Your Laws be Grievous, As You, 'Perfect in Every Way,' We need Redemption, through 'Jesus,' (Messiah/Emanuel), as 'Rock-Solid-Stay,' Soon, You Return, for the... Sat, 12 Aug 2017 10:20:12 -0500 Six Thousandth Year __Six Thousandth Year__ By Arley Steinhour 081117 In God's Creation, Created, He, Man, Indwelt by Suspicion, 'There be a GOD', with a Plan. First, Heavens and Earth, He made without 'Form,' From Poles, to its Girth, A Spinning Ball, be the Norm. Separating the Waters, Up and Down, and Around, That Creatures, Son's and Daughters, 'In their Place,' could Abound, Six, 'Nights, and Days, He Created, Bible tells, what and when; a 'Finite Stratum,' All Declared, 'Very Good,'... Fri, 11 Aug 2017 09:19:20 -0500 A Place in His Mansion __A Place in His Mansion__ By Arley Steinhour 081017 The Shofar sounds a Call to Arms, Throughout, the Hate-filled Land, Satan's Anger, creates many Alarms, That the Children of God, Disband. The writings, in the books they read, Creates Fervor, to 'Subject Mankind,' By Invitation, and if Rejected, the need, For Enslavement, or 'Death-Unkind.' Taking advantage of Generous People, By Actions that seem quite Demure, Be that, until, the Population, steeple, Into behavior,... Thu, 10 Aug 2017 10:43:22 -0500 Truth so Cold __Truth so Cold__ By Arley Steinhour 080917 'Rock of Ages,' there He be, Scourged, Beaten, and Crucified, Innocent of Sin; Hung on a Tree, 'To Pay Our Price;' On Cross He Died. All Mankind, could now be Free, Payment for Sin, 'Blood Certified,' Many Disciples, did Panic and Flee, Not understanding, thinking He'd Lied. Three days and Nights, in the Tomb, Before the Sun, Resurrected 'Alive,' By His Own Power, from Hades-Womb, Rebirth of Self, 'Grasp of Death,' to... Wed, 09 Aug 2017 16:44:44 -0500 Gleaning of the Tare __Gleaning of the Tare__ By Arley Steinhour 080817 Be a Watchman on the Wall, Beware, that Time is Short, As, the Signs are about to Fall, Upon mankind, the Villainous Sort. The Signs are seen on the Horizon, The 'Days of the Gentile,' Soon, to Close, From then-on, the Jew, He'll Enlighten, Tare, Gleaned from Wheat, He'll Depose. Both Jew and Gentile to be 'Taught as One,' After Purging of Beast, and 'Marked Tare,' Emanuel, then Rules, as God the Son, That, Spontaneous Tare,... Tue, 08 Aug 2017 10:53:06 -0500 EVERY SOULS FATE __EVERY SOULS FATE__ By Arley Steinhour 080717 The 'Trials of Daily Living,' Can Wreak Havoc upon the Soul, Sometimes as much as Finding, Enough food, to make one Whole. When, Spouse and Children are involved, Complexities, Wears One Down, Unless the problem is Resolved, One might even seek, Satan's Hometown. Theft, and Lies, may Shine the Dross, Fooling others to see, a Cape and Crown; Soon comes the Time, of Greater Loss, 'Being Incarcerated,' to the 'Depths. Of... Mon, 07 Aug 2017 10:23:01 -0500 Eternal Destination __Eternal Destination__ By Arley Steinhour 080617 The Earth is about to experience, A Shaking, from Sun, Moon, and Stars, Producing Fear, or Godly Obedience, For all Mankind, an Eternity of Memoirs. The Seven Year Time, of 'Last Season,' Indicates that we may be at the Door, Once, Church/Bride Departs, Pre-Season, So, Satan can Rule, 'Rotten to the Core.' Those, 'Left Behind,' will sing a New Song, More, A Dirge, when Refusing 'The Mark,' As Life on Earth, takes a Bad Turn of... Sun, 06 Aug 2017 10:22:56 -0500 All We Have Craved __All We Have Craved__ By Arley Steinhour 080517 Soon, Many Graves will Open, Like Opening an Earthen Door, The 'Dead in Christ are Chosen' Body within, be there, No More. Lifted Up, Free of All Corruption, Rejoining their Spirit, in the Air, (The cause of 'Social Disruption),' Into, Eternity with Jesus, to Share. Then, in Twinkle of Eye-Click, We, Still alive, Upward will Fly; 'Left Behind,' believes it a Trick, Realizing Truth, 'Some want to Die.' Upward, and Onward We... Sat, 05 Aug 2017 06:28:19 -0500 Ultimate Wrath __Ultimate Wrath__ By Arley Steinhour 080417 We love to say 'Good Morning,' Soon, to some, we say Goodbye, Before the Seven Years of Mourning, As, Church/Bride Flies, into the Sky. 'We that are Remaining,' Gone, From where Insanity will Reign, The 'Left Behind,' has been a Pawn, That Succumbed to Satan's Stain. They, in Sin, and Lust, not Worthy, In the least of Heavenly Abode, They'll view Eternity, with Apathy, Feeling, 'Mortal is Mother Lode.' They'll play the Game of... Fri, 04 Aug 2017 07:51:36 -0500 YOUR KNAVERY to PAY __YOUR KNAVERY to PAY__ By Arley Steinhour 08317 Arising with the morning Sun, Last glimpse of stars of Night, Speaks, Another day is Won, To Witness on Jesus' Plight. 'Time of Gentiles,' soon to End, In Tribulation under the 'Beast,' That the Tare, Jesus may Fend, By Gleaning, Israel to be Increased. Only a Remnant of Jew, and Gentile, Can Pass through, Millennium's Gate, 'A Thousand years of Probation Trial,' To Grow, in Jesus, until, 'Too-Late.' Satan Confined, that... Thu, 03 Aug 2017 10:25:17 -0500 Grace Walk to Shore __Grace Walk to Shore__ By Arley Steinhour 080217 With every breath of life, we take, We know, it could be our last; For every meal that is not steak, Deepens longing for that Repast. The 'Breath of Life,' is 'God-Given,' And the 'Steak,' His Desired-Reward;' For your Breath, your 'Parents Have Striven,' 'Steak,' is God's Grace; as we go 'Upward.' These words that I, now, offer to you, Can, Easily, Save your Eternal Life, 'Repent to God/Jesus,' with heart that's True, As,... Wed, 02 Aug 2017 10:32:11 -0500 ABOVE or BELOW __ABOVE or BELOW__ By Arley Steinhour 080117 The Day has come, when 'Signs Abound,' On Earth, In Sky, and Acts of Man, That Proves, that 'God can Only be Found,' In,' Things Coming to Pass,' According to Plan. Past, Floods, Eruptions, and Quakes, be Small, Compared to those, on the, Near Horizon, After this Jubilee, God's Wrath 'Stands Tall,' Unto 'Tribulation's Most Deadly Season.' Tribulation, to Saint John, is Consummation, Of, the Season of the Gentile, toward... Tue, 01 Aug 2017 11:33:13 -0500 ETERNAL STATION __ETERNAL STATION__ By Arley Steinhour 073117 Revving up and Counting Down, For the Flight, that takes us 'Home,' Reborn, shouldn't wear a Frown, With, Jesus Our-Stay, we'll never Roam. Heaven is the Place to Reside, So Full of Love, and Perfection, Praising, and Walking, by Jesus' Side, Only Beauty, in Every Direction. Sitting on Cloud, and Strumming a Harp, While, Singing Psalms, of David, and Self, Or, having a need, for a problem to Carp, Are Concepts, not found, but on... Mon, 31 Jul 2017 10:08:31 -0500 AV Nine Not Sublime __AV Nine Not Sublime__ By Arley Steinhour 073017 The Ninth of AV, (this year) September One, May be a Day of Strife, for Israel, If, Islamic States, feel, 'The Time has Come, That, they might Relieve their 'Social Vitriol.' As History goes, this date's, GOD-Planned, Starting with the Report of Giants to Fight, So that Israel, could win God's Gift of Land, With Crops, like Milk and Honey, without Blight. Alas, twas Ten of the Twelve, saying 'Don't Go, We be as Grasshopper, to... Sun, 30 Jul 2017 11:48:08 -0500 Removed Rapture Style __Removed Rapture Style__ By Arley Steinhour 072917 The constitution of this land, Ruled by 'We the People,' Has gotten truly out of hand, Turning We the People, into Sheeple. The Government for many Decades, Has whittled away our Constitution, To Grow the Government and its Aides, Into an Imperial, Government, Solution. Leadership has forgotten the Gift of God, That we be the Melting Pot, of Man, But, Our 'Land of the Free,' is horribly Flawed, In the Growth of the 'Imperial... Sat, 29 Jul 2017 00:15:40 -0500 BEFORE the END __BEFORE the END__ By Arley Steinhour 072817 Let the Regal Lions roar, As Satan bangs against the Door, As, we Redeemed behind, shall snore, Safely, from Tribulation's Blood and Gore. God/Jesus' Patience is wearing thin, Much like my Elder, Blotching skin, There is still time, to Enter in, Accept, and Repent, for Loss of Sin. Make your Choice, 'BEFORE the END,' As, once you 'graduate,' 'Choice Will End,' Your Eternity, by Choice, has 'No End,' Choices, Two, 'Jesus or Hell,'... Fri, 28 Jul 2017 10:46:29 -0500