Praise & Poetry by Arley Steinhour en-us Temptations of Strife __Temptations of Strife__ By Arley Steinhour 043017 The beauty of a Snowy Day, When, Rain should be the Fare, Most might wish the Snow Away, But, most, I fear, won’t Really Care. They, shrug the shoulder, crack a smile, And, head off, to daily corruption, In the attempt to perfect their Style, Finding Fault, in Conservative Construction. Today, we have a ‘man, in charge,’ Swearing to return our Nation’s Greatness, The Task for him, is Larger than Large, As, ‘We the People... Sun, 30 Apr 2017 12:36:41 -0500 Soul Cleansing Scrubber Soul Cleansing Scrubber By Arley Steinhour 042917 On this, the Third day in a Row, I woke up, to a Cloudy Day, ‘Tonight, be Six Inches of Snow,’ I heard the Weatherman Say. The Warning, says, ‘We need Prepare, For, High winds and unseasoned Cold;’ When I was young, twas Rain to Share, Splashing in Puddles, Young, not Old. Today, I ‘Batten-Down,’ unto ‘Winter-Keep,’ To protect, and warm my humble home, For a time, to use extra blanket to Sleep, And, ‘Not too Far, from Home, to... Sat, 29 Apr 2017 10:48:58 -0500 Our ONLY STAY Our ONLY STAY By Arley Steinhour 042817 The silence of the End of Days, Means not, the ‘End of War,’ But, man has found Better Ways, To prove, we’re ‘Rotten, to the Core.’ We are desperate for Salvation, To be Led, from all our Sin, To form, a New, and Mighty Nation; In a Redemption, we can’t Win. We need not do a Mighty Labor, Nor, Lend a hand, to the Plow, Just, witness to every neighbor, As ‘Redeemed;’ Spirit knows how. Salvation is ‘only through Immanuel,’ (God, With... Fri, 28 Apr 2017 11:07:49 -0500 Perfect Sign in Twenty Seventeen __Perfect Sign in Twenty Seventeen__ By Arley Steinhour 042217 It’s time to Circumcise heart, of Reborn Believers, Leaving, Unsaved-Doubters, to run the Church, As, ‘Reborn,’ cannot be ‘Faithless Deceivers,’ (2Jon 1:7 That, Satan may Rule, with ‘Restraint not in Lurch.’ Tomorrow, comes, as a Perfect Sign, Twenty-Three April, Twenty-Seventeen, (Rev 12:1-7 The, Perfect Alignment of Virgin Travail, in Design, The ‘Sign,’ by Mortal, may never again to be Seen. The Nations, Angry,... Sat, 22 Apr 2017 14:44:28 -0500 Puzzle of Mortal Days Puzzle of Mortal Days By Arley Steinhour 042117 Mortal Life, is a Jig-Puzzle Scene, That represents ‘Every Life Picture,’ Of all mankind, Slave, King or Queen, Not yet arranged, but in Tousled Structure. Each Soul born, unique of Character, Immortal, to grow into Life’s Scene, Be a man, Farmer, or Global Mariner, Handling Mortality, through Unforeseen. Soon comes the ‘Time of Tribulation,’ (Deu 4:30 Over the Horizon, that’s not far away, That’ll Test the willful Choice of... Fri, 21 Apr 2017 14:21:33 -0500 SUFFER or PLAY SUFFER or PLAY By Arley Steinhour 041317 The Tare that’s in the Wheat, Knows that it must Survive, The Wheat is quite Complete, As Meat, that keeps us Alive. We, the Mortal, of Adam/Man, Condemned to die; without Salvation, Fit right in, To God’s Holy Plan, He came to Earth, so we need Reservation. Immanuel/Jesus, Died on the Cross, To Redeem man from Sin, and Satan, Jesus’ Grace in Place, we have no Dross, When Repentant, and Accepting, His Station. Many will wait, and... Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:53:52 -0500 Our God of Creation __Our God of Creation__ By Arley Steinhour 041917 Counting the Omer, to Shavuot/Pentecost, Harvesting Barley, then, the Wheat, Poor, glean the corners, for the ‘Lost,’ Fiftieth day after ‘Death meets Defeat.’ Alive, from the Grave, Jesus Arose, After, Three Days and Nights in ‘Shehole,’ ‘God/Jesus,’ now the World to Transpose, After Paying, Price of Salvation on a Pole. Near, Two-Thousand years, have Transpired, After, Jesus brought “Second Death” to Defeat, Disciples... Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:53:37 -0500 Justified to Heaven Justified to Heaven By Arley Steinhour 042617 ‘Before the Sun, on Week day One,’ Jesus Departed the Grave, Over Death, He had Won, We’d never, again, be Death’s Slave. He’d taken our Sin, onto the Cross, That man, be Justified to Heaven, Removing every bit of Dross, Some Priests would call it Leven. There need be a ‘catch,’ to that Gift: ‘Acceptance of Jesus, as God the Son, Plus, Repentance’s Behavior Shift; That, Holy Ghost Live, in Each-One.’ Without, Acceptance, Sin... Sun, 16 Apr 2017 10:53:43 -0500 FREEDOMS BREATH FREEDOMS BREATH By Arley Steinhour 041517 Oriental, offers, ‘Re-fried Rice, Mexicans, Beans Refried, like Mud, Christians, Dine on Jesus Christ, We ‘Eat of Body, Drink of Blood.’ We celebrate ‘Our Communion,’ As, ‘Reborn,’ in ‘Holy Covenant,’ Jesus, as Bridegroom, a Holy Union, With, Mankind, in Jesus, ‘Benevolent.’ Every Baby is ‘Born into Sin,’ at Birth, With, no way to ‘Appease God’s Law,’ God/Jesus, offered Self, for our Rebirth, Justifying, from Penalty, to be ‘Without... Sat, 15 Apr 2017 12:15:27 -0500 Times of Probability Times of Probability By Arley Steinhour 041417 For a Hundred years, now following, Jerusalem falling, to ‘Gentile, Allenby,’ With Leaflets, and Voices ‘Trumpeting,’ From Aircraft, a Warning, to hear, and See. Surrender, without a Single Shot, Brit’s wondered, ‘why others would Heed,’ To something, Allenby may not have thought, His name, be mistaken, for ‘Allah-bey.’ ‘Allah-Bey,’ meaning, ‘Allah’s Messenger,’ Defenders thought, their God had Spoken, So, it seems, without a... Fri, 14 Apr 2017 13:00:26 -0500 NO SECOND DEATH NO SECOND DEATH By Arley Steinhour 041117 Nissan Fifteen, this Fateful Day, Jesus, Hung on a Cross to Pay, Redemption Price, to Show the Way, To Full Salvation, With Him, as Stay. He, Suffered, Bled, and Died, that we, Can have, Justification, and be Free, Reborn, in the Blood, shed on the Tree, Plus, Resurrection, Second Death, not See. Jesus rode into Jerusalem, on Week-day-One, Upon a ‘Colt of an Ass,’ as ‘God the Son,’ As, ‘Pascal Lamb,’ for ‘Four Days, in the Sun,’ To... Tue, 11 Apr 2017 11:00:03 -0500 Blood Coronation Blood Coronation By Arley Steinhour 041017 I’m happy to be an Infidel, By those, who’d kill my Fame, Being Saved from Pits of Hell, In God/Jesus’ Holy Name. I fear, that they, who’d kill me, To satisfy, the Call of, their god, Will find Hells-Gate, Open, and Free, As Lucifer, welcomes them, with a Nod. He’d lost my Soul, from Hades, But, had gained, a dozen more, By, using Killing-Expertise, Through, Terroristic, Gore. As, Trained, from Birth, to Hate, ‘Nonbelievers,... Mon, 10 Apr 2017 10:44:52 -0500 Follow and Witness Follow and Witness By Arley Steinhour 040917 We’ll all be Beautiful in each other’s eyes, When we get to Heaven, Graduated, This will give Satan, a Great Surprise, He’s Weak, and Crippled, Dissipated. He’ll spend his long, Eternity, Without our Soul to Taunt, and Ply, We’ve traveled into ‘God’s Infinity,’ As, Family, Bride, ‘Apple of Eye.’ ‘Eternal,’ is the key Word said, They in Hell, will know it best, With Gnashing of Teeth, Tormented, ‘Through Infinity, No... Sun, 09 Apr 2017 10:02:13 -0500 Wind of Extermination Wind of Extermination By Arley Steinhour 040817 This story, I tell you, folks, Has oh so much to say, I tell you without any Jokes, Man crossed the line that day. The Insane use, of Sarin Gas, Has raised the Ire of mankind, Women and Children in mass, Dying body’s, were easy to find. Sarin Gas used, has no friend or foe, Only one goal, without Discrimination, Be they Civilian, Child, or G I Joe, It Reaps on the Wind of Extermination. Lives affected, cease, by... Sat, 08 Apr 2017 13:57:55 -0500 Staying Second Death Staying Second Death By Arley Steinhour 040717 We’re coming onto that Time of Year, When Passover, and New Fruit, bend the Year, Of, Bringing Reborn Christians, Eternal Cheer, Qualified to participate, in Jewish Cheer. God/Jesus, came to Earth, “Immanuel,” With a New Covenant, for the Jew, ‘Believe in Him, Repent ‘Sin’s Way,’ And, Live with God, ‘Eternal Day.’ The People believed, He be the ‘One,’ Prophesied, to come, them, to Free, Israel, the Apple of... Fri, 07 Apr 2017 21:05:46 -0500 Disparity Projected Disparity Projected By Arley Steinhour 040717 I must have done something to break your heart, Through the years that we were One, Our memories, differ right from the Start, As, our memories seem to be separately Spun. I remember, this, you remember, that, Yet, the memory is of same occasion, One must be the Eagle, the other the Gnat, Relating the days of old, with absolute persuasion. I’ve flown to the Heights, and Depths of the Sea, Accomplished more than most... Fri, 07 Apr 2017 21:04:32 -0500 Wanting All to Hear Wanting All to Hear By Arley Steinhour 040317 Where did all the Christians Go Gone to be with Jesus, When, will we be Part of show, When, He comes to Rule us. Snatching up, up, and away In rapture, that we, believe in, Why didn’t everybody know, Not all would give up Sin. They thought that we were joking, Until that Instant they were Blind, By the smoke, they stood in, choking, Comprising of Dross We’d Left Behind. Many, fell, upon their knees, And Gave their Hearts to... Mon, 03 Apr 2017 21:44:15 -0500 Cowboy Solution A lighter read that I received; thinking someone else will get a chuckle: Cowboy Solution (Author Unknown) I really like the gasoline part at the end!!! I have lived, loved, lost and loved again. Life is not easy,..... but it is what it is. Cowboy rules for: Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma , Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, and the rest of the Wild West are as follows: 1. Pull your pants up. You look like an idiot. 2.... Mon, 03 Apr 2017 14:53:28 -0500 Trials and Destitution Trials and Destitution By Arley Steinhour 040317 Two Thousand-Twenty-Three years ago, Or, perhaps, one or two years less, Jesus was born in manger, and stole the Show, Immanuel (God With us) came to clean the Mess. God’s People, crying, Freedom remove the Blight, Of being Subject to Nero, and Roman Legion, Being Ruled, and Taxed, without any Right, To Petition, Relief, in any of God’s Region. Yahuah/GOD, of Hebrew, and Jew, Disgusted with behavior of His People, Let them Fail,... Mon, 03 Apr 2017 14:36:04 -0500 No More the Cost No More the Cost By Arley Steinhour 040217 I can’t live without you, I would lose my Way, I’d live, quite down and Blue, Destitute, no place to Stay. You cleaned my heart, When I was young, To play my Part, In Song, that’s Sung, A Song of Praise, That will Glorify, Through my Eternal Days, Because, my Sin, you Justify. No more the Cost, After Final Breath, To be, Found as Lost, With Payment, Death. You took my Sin, Redeemed my Soul, On Cross,... Sun, 02 Apr 2017 18:02:36 -0500