Praise & Poetry by Arley Steinhour en-us Leviticus 23 Feasts of God __Leviticus 23 Feasts of GOD__ Paraphrase by Arley Steinhour 031818 23:1 Yahuah commanded Moses (God’s Commandment): :2 ‘Speak unto Israel, Concerning MY Feasts, And, Proclaim them, ‘MY Holy Convocations;’ All of These will be, ‘My’ Holy Feasts.’ :3 ‘Six days, shall you ‘Work, fully Replete,’ And, Day-Seven, shall be a ‘Sabbath of Rest,’ An ‘Holy Convocation;’ Communion-Complete, As, ‘Holy Sabbath,’ to ME, in your Dwelling-Nest.’ :4 ‘Holy Convocations, which ‘You’ll’ acclaim,... Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:11:48 -0500 WAR NO MORE II __WAR NO MORE II__ By Arley Steinhour 032018 Every time I go to town, I do things that make me frown, Especially on the Sticker Tags, That make me still wear my Rags. When, I was young, before my Prime, The Rummage Sale, got my Dime, But, then, I, finally, grew to Maturity, Credit Cards drove me to Obscurity. With Wife and Kids, I towed the Line, Everything, seemed to work out Fine, A Paltry Income while Serving Country, Pay, not much, but had full Pantry. I Plied the... Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:46:10 -0500 JD Farag Prophecy Update on 031118 Worthy of staying up with the Events of the Day, as they relate to the Prophesies of Gods Word: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 19:16:01 -0500 Reborn Christology __Reborn Christology__ By Arley Steinhour 031618 The Clouds in Nebraska, are ‘Heavy and Gray,’ With, no Strong Sun to give much Daylight, Power failure, delays the ‘Start of my Day,’ Starting this day, causing ‘Spiritual Blight.’ Today’s ‘Days,’ of ‘Two Thousand Years,’ May be the ‘Last’ Day, to have ‘Life’s Leven,’ Rescue may come, and no ‘Left Behind Cheers,’ When they realize, the ‘Reborn’s gone to Heaven.’ I had a ‘Praise’ ready to start, at the ‘Pause of Power,’ I had... Fri, 16 Mar 2018 15:08:58 -0500 Ecclesiastes Chapter Three __Ecclesiastes Chapter Three__ Paraphrased by Arley Steinhour 031518 To ‘Everything,’ there is a season, And, a ‘Time’ to every ‘Purpose,’ [To all ‘things,’] under [God’s] heaven: (3:1 [to Ignore would be ‘Disservice.’] A Time, to be born, and a Time to die; A Time, to Plant, and, to Harvest the Planted, (3:2 A Time to kill, and to Heal; to break, and build [high], (3:3 A time to Weep, to Laugh, to Mourn and Dance [granted]; (3:4 A Time to cast away Stones, a Time, Stones, to... Thu, 15 Mar 2018 13:06:53 -0500 The Egg Becomes Me __The Egg Becomes Me__ By Arley Steinhour 031418 In God’s ‘Cote of Souls,’ I await my Urbanity, To ‘Play my Roles,’ For, Eternal-Humanity. When Sperm finds Egg, The ‘Two, become One,’ My Residence, does Beg, My ‘Presence of Being,’ Life-Won. From DNA, of Both, I Win, To Become ‘Transformed,’ Solo, or, perhaps, as Twin, Identically, Human Formed. From the meeting of the Two, I take on my Shape, and Grow, Two Hundred Sixty-Six, days through, To be Ejected from Mother’s... Wed, 14 Mar 2018 15:04:42 -0500 God Paid the Price __God Paid the Price__ By Arley Steinhour 031118 The Story of Man, Is written in the Sky, By the Word of God, Who Can’t tell a Lie. He gives us Creation, Six Days did He Ponder, Producing man, Day Six, First Five, All up Yonder. Seventh day, He Rested, From all of His Labor, Then, ‘Man to be Tested,’ Called ‘Adam,’ with no Neighbor. Tending the Garden, And Naming all Critters, Life Alone, was a Burden, No ‘Helpmeet, for Fritters. God, took Adam’s Rib, Created... Sun, 11 Mar 2018 16:17:00 -0500 Moving Daylight Portal __Moving Daylight Portal__ By Arley Steinhour 031018 The Sun will Rise tomorrow, An hour later, than it did today, If one Doesn’t set the clock, ‘Sorrow,’ May cause your Church-going to Delay. I sometimes ponder, changing of ‘Day Time,’ Should man be Moving Daylight Portal, Very few Countries play, or have a Pastime, They watch Americans, and Snigger, or Chortle. God’s Time, is a mountain, we can’t climb, Until we Graduate, through Death’s Portal, Man’s Time, a Swamp, of... Sat, 10 Mar 2018 20:14:17 -0600 Judgment into Immortality __Judgment into Immortality__ By Arley Steinhour 030918 Little Satan’s fill the Air, With Greed and Danger, Harming all, without Care, For God, 'Born in a Manger.' They’ll ‘Scam’ you here, They’ll ‘Scam’ you There, With Raucous Cheer, They Do Not Care. To ‘Steal your fortune, Even, down on Luck, Through Extortion, We’re the Schmuck. Not Worthy of Prosecution, Until, Dastardly Deed is Done, Slap on wrist, the Execution, Only the Schmuck is Undone. Yet, is this... Fri, 09 Mar 2018 13:06:03 -0600 Freedom and Safe Harbor __Freedom and Safe Harbor__ By Arley Steinhour 030818 Our, Founding Fathers, one and all, With, differing Opinion of Construction, Penned Our Constitution, to Never Install, A Government having, ‘Royal Unction.’ Wisely, they penned, ‘Government Control,’ Over the Elected, more than the People, ‘Elected Must Serve, beyond Vitriol.’ By Representing ‘Citizens, not Sheeple.’ ‘Constitution, and, ‘We the People, Truly Govern,’’ And, ‘What We, and State’s ‘Allow,’ Federal May... Thu, 08 Mar 2018 10:54:05 -0600 Accept Redemption __Accept Redemption__ By Arley Steinhour 030518 These days, we are in, of Rampant Sin, ‘Satan’s Mariah-Wind,’ Roars his Lies, ‘Wind Pressures’ on man, a Howling Din, That Brings Tears unto God/Jesus’ eyes. Today, the winds, reminded my Soul, Of the Dangers, surrounding all man, When ‘Uncut Gem, becomes a lump of Coal,’ To reside as a part of ‘Lake-Fire-Clan.’ Satan’s Wind, blows Mariah-Sin, around, Rending God’s door, from ‘Unsure Hand,’ Much like a ship, that’s ‘Blown... Mon, 05 Mar 2018 14:23:52 -0600 Eternal Second Breath __Eternal Second Breath__ By Arley Steinhour 030418 I have a Dream, I cannot Prove, But, one that makes me Ponder, ‘Why the need of ‘Millennium’s Groove, Since Satan’s Locked away, Down Yonder?’ Satan has no Sway, for a Thousand Years, And, there’s no indication, of ‘Newborn Souls;’ Plus, ‘Soul-Cote’ being empty, who Hears, A Newborn’s Cry, in their need, for ‘Soul-Roles?’ Yet, we know that many new Souls are Born, As, only a Remnant, of Mortals passed through, With Eighty... Sun, 04 Mar 2018 17:16:37 -0600 Call to Christianity __Call to Christianity__ By Arley Steinhour 030318 Dear, Lord God/Jesus, As Your ‘Reborn Rise,’ into the Air, May ‘Left Behind,’ Gain Understanding, In Twinkle of Eye, in Full Pomp and Flare, The How, and Why, ‘You’re Commanding.’ We’ll hear ‘Trumpet of God Sounding,’ They’ll hear, a ‘Clap of Thunder,’ We’ll Hear your Voice Commanding, ‘Come up;’ while, ‘They Wonder.’ Earth’s Population, reduced by many Millions, The ‘Left Behind, Billions,’ to be Sorely Abused, They... Sat, 03 Mar 2018 19:21:59 -0600 In Repentance of Error __In Repentance of Error__ By Arley Steinhour 022718 Awaken, Mankind, here Below, Whose focus is not upon You, Bring down Your Wrath, to Show, Mankind’s Mortality is in Hell-Fire’s Glue. Six Thousand Years, man has cried, ‘Go Away, we’ve no use for you, We follow Dreams, as you have lied, Approach no more, We Are Through!’ That, dear neighbors, is what I hear, More and more, man’s ‘raucous-rejection,’ Of the Laws of God, most come not near, ‘Eternity’s Pas’e, in a ‘Sin... Tue, 27 Feb 2018 13:57:24 -0600 Who is God I received this about four years ago, and feel it might catch an eye here: __Who is God__ (a Blog received four years ago) __(Author Unknown)__ A prophet before Moses A priest after Melchizedek A champion like Joshua An offering in place of Isaac A king from the line of David A wise counselor above Solomon A beloved/rejected/exalted son like Joseph The Heavens declare His glory and the firmament shows His handiwork He who is, who was, and who always will be The first and the... Mon, 26 Feb 2018 15:04:55 -0600 As if There is No Tomorrow __As if There is No Tomorrow__ By Arley Steinhour 022618 Blessed are you, oh Lord my God, ‘Creator,’ of the Universe, ‘and King,’ Plus, this Planet, on which we Plod, We, the Redeemed, want to take Wing. With morning bright, my heart is light, As, I come before You and the Throne, With my mortal view, I scan on the Sight, My focus and life, are, ‘Yours Alone. May I speak to you, in Praise, not Glaze, As, you are Discerning, of ‘Quality Within,’ To, Lie, Steal, or Murder,... Mon, 26 Feb 2018 11:14:51 -0600 Out On A Limb __Out On A Limb__ By Arley Steinhour 022518 I awoke late this morning, With the Urge, to Go Fly, But, remembered the warning, Sleep, or Death, must apply. Joy, lifted me up, from my bed, Singing Praises to God, on High, The GOD, that Created, as Read, In the Bible, that taught me to Fly. I’ll not address the Dreams of my Youth, As I’ve addressed that, ‘Times,’ ago,’ But, address today, possibly, ‘Uncouth,’ Of the Dread that I see, ‘Here, Below.’ The ‘Stampede’ is On, of... Sun, 25 Feb 2018 12:36:49 -0600 Snow is a Life Molder __Snow is a Life Molder__ By Arley Steinhour 022418 Once upon a Long Time Ago, There always was lots of snow, Just, for youngsters, on the go, Into a Snow-drift, one’s self to Throw. Winter Adventures did truly abound, But, First was scooping all snow found, Upon the sidewalks of home, and friend, Who could pay the price We’d propound. A Dollar for ‘Front, and Porch, for labor, Driveways, extra, to income, a sweet flavor, Grandma, said for ‘Elder,’ Half, price to cater, If... Sat, 24 Feb 2018 14:10:34 -0600 A Different Christmas Poem __A Different Christmas Poem__ Author Unknown, (Rvsd a tad by AS) Warm embers glowed softly, emitting soft light. I gazed round the room, and cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest; our daughter beside me, angelic at rest. Outside fell the snow, a blanket of white, transforming the yard, into winter delight. Sparkling from lights on the tree, I believe, completed the magic, of this Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, surrounded... Fri, 23 Feb 2018 11:08:32 -0600 ODE to BILLY GRAHAM __ODE to BILLY GRAHAM__ By Arley Steinhour 022218 Where was I when the Calling Came, For Billy Graham, to answer by Name, I was young, making my name a Shame, But, Jesus was Pruning me for the Game. Quickly Billy focused on how he would Preach, Straight from the Bible, in the Love of a Peach, Calling the Unsaved, to Accept God/Jesus, Each, Many would make the ‘Walk, Into the Breach. Accepting the Sacrifice, Jesus, Paid on the Cross, For All, who’d Accept, REDEMPTION, Satan’s... Thu, 22 Feb 2018 12:05:20 -0600