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Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2017, at 11:01 AM

>>> Heaven's GATE, I didn't see, I only knew, that I Was Me and FREE <<<
By Arley Steinhour 021417

So many Religions, on Earth, today,
Each, wanting the Others to go away,
Each one is 'Perfect,' with Perfect 'Sway,'
To 'Find Paradise,' or, 'Hell, to Pay.'

Some, say, Live, Die, Return, not easy to determine,
Based on previous life, to be, Improved, or Vermin;
Some, say, Live to Convert, and Kill all that Refuse,
Lie, Cheat, Sin, to be Forgiven; Glory theirs, To Use.

There's 'One, saying, Convert Self, and Love Your Neighbor,'
'Even, the Enemy, and Treat them also, with favor;'
As, it Heaps Coals, of Dung, upon their Cruel Head,
So, when they Die, 'God will Proclaim them Dead.'

Of course, that 'One,' must 'Seek, and Repent,'
To the Creator of Heaven and Earth, with 'Total Consent,'
Accepting the 'Sin Price, only 'Emanuel can Pay,'
Believing, Redeems us, as Bride, but-for only 'One Day.'

If you've stopped short, of reading this, 'Rest of the Story,'
You might think our Emanuel/Jesus, 'Plays us as a Quarry,'
But that's not the case, as, "Day EIGHT is ETERNAL,'
Where Work is Play, Play is Work, and Joy, is 'SUPERNAL!'

Refusing His Plea, to Join Him in Heaven, 'Unwise,'
Refusal alternative, Lake of Flame, 'No Surprise,'
Once, you're Judged, You'll be 'Suffering with Satan,'
'A Torment, Unknown,' but to those, in 'That Station.'


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