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Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017

Mortal Conundrum

Posted Monday, January 9, 2017, at 7:25 PM

>>> Where Written, How Said, What YOU SAY, SUFFICES <<<
Mortal Conundrum
By Arley Steinhour 010917

I'd like to fly among the Stars,
And eat of food not kept in Jars,
To go, from here, off to there,
In, Life, fulfilling, without Care.

But, then, I know that I'm not there,
In the Life, fulfilling, without Care,
Since, I've not, fully, Graduated,
To where my want, to be fully Sated.

Up in heaven, as I've stated,
That, non-believers call 'Overstated,'
The place where Love is Permeated,
In every plant and flower, Understated.

I'd Stand before your Holy Alter,
In my Praise, I would never Falter,
Solid as, 'Rock of Gibraltar,'
Gifted as any, Biblical Psalter.

My heart would float, above your Alter,
Raining Praises upon you head,
With a Love that does not Falter,
To You, on Cross, that Suffered and Bled.

The time is ripe, that you've Returned,
Even though our Salvation's Not Earned,
The Love, You offer, has oft been Spurned,
Rejecting the Sacrifice, we've not Learned.

'Beware your Welcome,' they will Reject,
'All you say and do,' Circumspect.
Just, as before, as Servant, bedecked,
Even, when you come, for 'Your Elect.'

The Unsaved, today, might not understand,
How much You Love them, even taking by Hand,
They might shake you off, as if you are 'Banned,'
From Satan's description, of what he has Planned.

Don't listen to Satan; give your heart to God/Jesus,
You'll not only please Him, you'll also, Please Us,
We, of the Faith, that's Heaven-Bound, not exogenesis,
To Belong to God/Jesus, you don't need be a Genius.


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