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Sight in the Light

Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2013, at 2:29 PM

Only Jesus can wash away,
The dross of Sin we hold,
By Grace, Redeemed, this day,
Can we see His promises unfold.
Sight in the Light
By Arley Steinhour 013013

I woke up to the light of day,
After completely oversleeping,
First thoughts, sending praise your way,
To Release the love my heart is keeping.

To start my day, needs you in front,
Of everything I think, say and do,
Without you, Dear Jesus, I would but grunt,
Turning day to mud, to wallow through.

So many ways to praise your name,
I recall the miracles you've done, and do,
Your Glory shines, as I ponder your fame,
Who, raises to life four day dead?, only you.

Your miracles, all seemed to fit,
You speak your word, the healing done,
Except, when you used the dirt and spit,
To give a blind man sight he'd never won.

I troubled, and I pondered long,
What made this a special healing fact
After prayer, and supplication song,
Your soft clear voice, explained your act.

You graced an answer, soft to my heart,
To that end, you went back to beginning,
To that day, East of Eden, at Garden start,
In that short time before there was 'Sinning.'

Your question branded deep into my heart,
Soft and Sweet, so I then could see:
"In Creation, how did I make the Adam part?,"
The joy of hearing you, overwhelmed me.

The man, 'blind,' devoid of 'normal fare,'
From birth, hadn't had facility for sight,
Cornea and lens needed, missing, nothing there,
Dirt and Spittle, created parts to 'See the Light.'

You are the 'Light,' you are the 'Way,'
Without Rebirth, road to Heaven isn't there,
When you live inside our mortal heart, with sway,
We can see the way, with the Light, you share.


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