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Love Letter

Posted Thursday, January 24, 2013, at 11:46 AM

A Letter of Love needs Seven Seals,
As does the Book of Revelation,
In Life, or Death, Church Bell Peals,
Over Peoples, or Wayward Nation.
Love Letter
By Arley Steinhour 012413

Each, and every morning,
when the Sun first lights your face,
I shiver, as if in mourning,
That, where you are, is out of place,

My Love for you, possesses me,
Ever growing in my heart,
The thought of ever being free,
Would be the horse, behind the cart.

I see you rise, blink sleep filled eyes,
As you smile at the dawning light,
Your love for me oft does surprise,
That you loved me through the night.

Your every day, so full of chores,
Do you ever find time, for me,
I love you even when you slam doors,
When frustrated, and seek to be free.

Sometimes, you knock my Love away,
Breath often carries words that curse,
There is little I can do or say,
When you feel I've failed, or worse;

One day, I know, you'll see me right,
That my Love for you be sublime,
I'll be silent, when you want to fight,
So we can reconcile, at the perfect time.

My Love survives, though I close my Gate,
When I can no longer hold back the rod,
When you that I Love, determine your Fate,
I'll Always Love You, Sincerely, GOD


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