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Eight Foot Adventure

Posted Sunday, January 13, 2013, at 7:42 PM

One or a Million, we're treated the same,
Going to Heaven, Judged 'Without Shame,'
Our comings and goings only we claim,
Treated with Honor, Part of God's Fame.
Eight Foot Adventure
By Arley Steinhour 011313

The world, today, is dull and gray,
Another pain, and hate filled day,
Man, argues on, with little to say,
Imagination wants, today, to stray.

Heart as light as my head and feet,
Lift off the ground, so light and fleet,
Into a cloud, with dewdrops replete,
Off I go, to wander a golden street.

Time and distance, left behind,
Heading for Home, as if I'm blind,
Only the light some distance find,
On which to watch and focus mine.

Lights, off to the side, just a blur,
Relaxed and warm, I need no fur,
If I were a cat, I'd hear myself purr,
Humming instead, as I start my tour.

The Gates of Heaven, now in sight,
I must take care, to finish my flight,
As if born to fly, I arrive just right,
In God's Heaven, that has no day or night.

The sky gleaming brightly, without a sun,
Touchdown so soft, I land on the run,
Singing and dancing, Adopted God's Son,
Angel voice greets me, as if His only One.

Nodding and greeting all Souls that I see,
Knowing each one, as they nod back at me,
Warm smiles emitting, from even the tree,
Heart filled with Love, almost bursting it be.

Waving and singing, flowers praise one and all,
Grass tickled bare feet, as it giggled it's call,
So much Love felt, it's like I'd hit a wall,
Overwhelmed by reception, on knees I did fall.

I hear my alarm, time to rise and shine,
Eight foot through the gate, next time maybe nine,
Eternity needed to explore Heaven, so fine,
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for making You, mine.


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