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Healthy or Sick Think Jesus

Posted Sunday, January 6, 2013, at 10:06 PM

Ponder, on Jesus, the Price that He Paid,
Three days in the Grave, in our stead he laid,
Resurrection to Life, Price paid, for His Wife,
Accepting His offer, We Gain Eternal Life.
Healthy or Sick Think Jesus
By Arley Steinhour 0106113
Inspired by words of Tim Grueter

While blogging on the Book, called Face,
With comments flying at rapid pace,
A brother, Tim, had inspiring blog,
'Give Jesus credit, don't be an Hog.

My answer started, with 'that's what I do,'
Keeping Jesus first, in my heart, that's True,
Coupled in, was banter about the Flu,
Plus, agony that it puts one through.

Starting my comment, with warm howdy-do,
Next thing I knew, lips were turning blue,
Sharing how Praise Poetry, I spoke confidently,
When Jesus gives me words to say, constantly:

When I'm sick, and on the throne,
with nothing else to do, but moan,
I call to Jesus to come help me think,
But, don't come closer than the sink.

And, when I write Poetic Praise,
When someone does a compliment raise,
I thank Jesus for giving me that fan,
Then thank Him, for guiding my hand.

The time is short, for changing ways,
Some think it takes years; Not even Days,
Beyond our witness, there's little to say,
Jesus, our God, can come any day.

You, who think Repentance, hard to do,
I say, you can do it, putting on other shoe,
Heartfelt is how you must feel and pray,
Speak with the lips, True, No other Way.

Lift your eyes up, as if you can see the sky,
Let your Repentance, and love, loose to fly,
Ask for Salvation, and Strength to 'Follow,'
From that moment on, in self pity, don't wallow.

The changes, then that you must entertain,
Total inclusion in your life, every refrain,
Thing Jesus, Talk Jesus, Let Spirit lead,
He'll see the change, that's all you need.

You may not be perfect, departing this world,
Think of the flag, with folds yet unfurled,
You fly Home proudly, cleansed by His breath,
Eternally His, and not meet Second Death.

Sounds kind of easy; how do macho guy's feel,
I cried like a baby, when my Spirit He Sealed,
You, too, can be blessed, Jesus paid the price,
He cleans with His Blood, not, Red colored rice.

So, keep Jesus in, all you think, say, and do,
Our Mansions completed, He's soon coming through,
Those who have waited, until it's too late,
Be Left Behind, to repent, or be Satan-bait.


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Modern science: true

Faith: silly hullabaloo

Read, Learn, Ask, Improve

-- Posted by Benevolus on Mon, Jan 7, 2013, at 2:23 AM

Arley, as usual your words are strength for my soul!

It made me think of some friends behind bars.

On Monday nights to the Prison I go!

We gather together with the Saints that are kept there.

They've been washed by the Blood when the Spirit did plead,

To their hearts now the Truth they have received, now they can clearly hear.

They're still behind bars yet their Spirits are now free.

They ask me this question which some understand not.

How can so many in here not see what we see?

We try to explain our Saviors unconditional love for them.

They laugh they mock and some even cuss and swear and more!

I tell you the truth it's simple for sure,

Unless the Spirit of God opens their eyes they will never be free!

It's impossible for them to know with the a heart that's been blinded,

To understand what it is that God has intended.

God answers to all of those that call upon His name,

But is never pushy or forces His way in.

He waits patiently for each heart to cry out,

Lord Jesus please save me, my sins are such shame!

So Arley, I just love your words daily to read,

They tell of God's Word that we love to heed!!

Be strong in the LORD and the power of HIS might,

At the trumpet sound we who are saved shall soon take our flight!

Keep those Poems coming!! Your bro, WWH

-- Posted by walkwithhim on Mon, Jan 7, 2013, at 12:15 PM

Thanks, WWH, I liked your rhyming too. We are, IMO, entering into the time of Jacob's Trouble, that brings mankind's house of cards down, into a situation, of some, facing up, and some, facing down, with only one way to insure we land on our feet, looking up, so to speak, Redemption's Salvation. Many are called, to the Feast, but, for some reason, few RSVP, in time.

Those who think man can set aside God's offer of Salvation, and dictate their own eternal future, are woefully misguided, I fear.

Keep the Watch, the Faith, and Witness, without pause. The rewards we receive, for the little we do, will impress the world, far more than restrictive Laws.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Mon, Jan 7, 2013, at 1:22 PM

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