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Adieu Day of Gentile

Posted Monday, December 24, 2012, at 1:55 PM

There is a place, also Eternal,
Where Satan and Sinners go,
Far below the Homes Supernal,
Lake of Fire, HELL, Below.
Adieu Day of Gentile
By Arley Steinhour 122412

New Day starts, with rising Sun,
Sabbath day, completed, again,
Praising you, as a Chorus of one,
In Jesus' name, about world of Sin.

I praise you, and I bless you ,
As you see me through each day,
Doing things you want me to,
Saying words, you'd have me say.

Reaching out to world at large,
Praising you through poetry,
Follow your lead, with poetic charge,
To help complete your family tree.

Not everyone will turn to you,
Too many will follow the beast,
Eternally blinded, by lies, quite a few,
With Satan's mark, becoming 'The Least.'

Choices made, of course, are theirs,
Convinced, movement be up and on,
They're actually falling down hell's stairs,
As they find they are Satan's Pawn.

Please take Repenter by their hand,
Somewhere down Tribulation's road,
Bringing home, the wayward band,
Relieved of their Sinful load.

I'll keep my focus on your blessing,
And the wondrous things you do,
So, those sinful souls you are addressing,
Can help us witness, our Faith in You.


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