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Blessings on a Friend

Posted Sunday, December 23, 2012, at 9:32 AM

The Trumpet will Blow,
And the Saved in You Fly,
Leaving many Below,
Of which, many will Die.
Will we cry?
Blessings on a Friend
By Arley Steinhour 122312

On Christmas day, that's soon to be,
I want to praise a brother, dear to me,
A Minister, a Teacher, and Friend,
Making way straight, without a bend.

I went, one day, to Evangelical Free,
There, he taught me how to See and Be,
A true son of God, without restriction,
Twas mostly in reading Bible Diction.

He'd take a word, and tear it apart,
Like a surgeon, he'd find Hebrew heart,
Without fiction, we'd learn word's story,
And how that word, fit Jesus' glory.

Till then, I didn't understand, or know,
God's deeper meaning nor where to go,
My friend, and teacher, with Holy Spirit,
Made God's Word flow, even I could hear it.

Dear God, please Bless, Dieter Rademacher,
He farms the heart as Scriptural Sheave-Stacker,
He makes your word, worthy, Meat, to Chew,
Nurturing All, who will hear him through.

Before, a Minister, this man had 'Wings,'
As 'Fighter Pilot,' defending Free way of things,
Defending the body, was not for this man,
Teach Eternal Salvation, God's Family Plan.

There's no better way to save man from Derision;
Than Minister to hearts, the Reason for Season,
Dieter went South, and I traveled East,
Now, we both do Combat with the Beast.

When Jesus comes, to Snatch away Bride,
I'll be Dieter's Wing-man, right by his side;
To his Church, for Christmas, I'd like to say,
Be good to Dieter, he's worth more than his Pay.

Christmas Blessing to all, Keep Shofar handy,
Stand tall, on the Wall, Watch, do not bandy,
Be True to Jesus, let Faith fly, like a bird,
There's so many, out there, not hearing God's Word.


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-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sun, Dec 23, 2012, at 10:25 PM

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