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Mayan Day Prattle

Posted Friday, December 21, 2012, at 1:17 PM

Today is chugging on and on,
We need events to hurry up,
because the day is almost gone,
Events won't fill Prophetic 'cup.'
Mayan Day Prattle
By Arley Steinhour 122112

Here we are, day twenty-one,
Last day of Mayan reminder,
The world is waiting to see the fun,
Some ridicule, much less kinder.

My day, today, started quite cold,
Two Degree, on meter outside,
Cold enough, old bones not bold,
Decided quickly, I'd just stay inside.

Snow sparkles in Sun, shining brightly,
Crisp is the view of sky and trees,
Tis a good time to close eyes tightly,
For some Prayer time on my knees.

Of course I might just sit here, safe,
Knees, and back, don't like the floor,
Wear and tear started as Depression waif,
With a life of tough wear, more and more.

What better time, than prayer, to say,
I'm so glad, you're in my mortal heart,
For eternity, and more, you'll stay,
You in me, me in you, doing my part.

I keep the Watch, with eye and ear,
For your procession, and Trumpet's call,
Proclaiming, to all, that you are near,
That none are missed, and to Satan fall.

Seven year cleansing, to trim the 'dross,'
Tribulation days stirring Life-cauldron,
Those Left, 'Repent,' or sink to 'Loss,'
So Kingdom starts, only with His Children.

High-noon signal sounding wail,
Its pleating sound says day half done,
Thoughts of tragedy, now pale,
End of world debate, Naysayers may have won.

Day is only halfway gone,
This poem just hit page two,
Your Word, I still look upon,
Perfect, as only you can do.

Please bless, dear Jesus, my prattle,
Bless this Celebrations of your Birth,
May we live life, not as if 'cattle,'
But, with days filled with Praising Mirth.


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