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Good Morning God 122012

Posted Thursday, December 20, 2012, at 3:43 PM

Ice and Snow, are beautiful,
Frozen hard, with wind design,
But, when it is quite bountiful,
Scooping energy, no longer mine.
Good Morning God 122012
By Arley Steinhour

Dear God
I woke up this morning, my way,
Snow sparkling brightly in the sun,
It is a most beautiful, crisp, day,
And that was blessing number one

I started out, praising, until I pondered,
'this day will have me on the go,
Good Lord, I've got to get up, to scoop,
Many shovels full of freezing snow.'

I looked out the ice-glazed window
realized, how late the time must be,
Instead of waking up, normal time,
I'd slept two extra hours, free.

It's going to be a day, like that,
No time to do it all,
But first of all, I need figure out,
How to do it all, at all.

When I was young,
No problem there,
Jump up, get dressed,
Then, comb my hair.

I'd go outside,
And scoop away,
Enjoying every bit,
Of God given day.

Today I have a problem,
Get up and go, got up and went,
By dreading all the work to do,
My body's already feeling spent.

Dear God, forgive my complaining,
About what I need to do,
I need to find somebody
Who, the scooping, they can do.

It may cost me a dollar,
That's OK, I'm sure,
Youth is worth that dollar,
Their energy's so pure.

Blizzard wind, made slick designs,
Snow didn't fall, pasted as it swirled,
From North, East, West and South,
Like paint, sailing across the world.

Snow drifted over, my Ford Escort,
But, think I know the drift it's below,
I see the hint of headlight, peaking,
Ever so weakly through the snow.

About the time, I offer, 'Aw, Shucks,'
You find the help, I so much need,
A brother calls, equipped, plus trucks,
From scooping snow, I am freed,

Pancake, two eggs, a cup of 'Joe,'
I'll break-fast with your bounty,
Tune-in the news so I will know,
What's going on, in World, and County.

I do so praise you for the snow,
It's just perfect for this Season,
The truth and answer, all Christian's know,
Redeeming Son's Birth, is Season Reason.


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