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Blizzard of Thought

Posted Wednesday, December 19, 2012, at 2:21 PM

1408> Snowfall, in Russia, a wondrous thing,
Somewhere, on the right is a town, I think,
Most of the people flew to Las Vegas,
They'll be back next spring, to find their Chevy Vega's.
Blizzard of Thought
Arley Steinhour 121912

1138> Snowflakes falling from a cloudy sky,
Blizzard will be starting, by and by,
Snow, soon covers, brownness of the land,
Winds will blow the snow, 'white-out' grand.

Weather-person saying, to 'Stay inside,
Watch the storm, through a window, wide,
Venture outside, only if you must,'
Baking cookies, or a light pie-crust.

1208> Most of the ground, now covered white,
House a block away, is still in sight,
Snow, almost falling thick as London fog,
Need a fireplace, and a Yule-tide log.

Christmas spirits dampened, quite a bit,
Twenty children murdered, the cause of it;
They're with Jesus, safe now, up in Heaven,
Adults also dead, I guess, counts Seven.

Christmas, for the families, won't be Bright,
Many of them still crying, through the night,
Funeral dirge, not sung around a Christmas tree,
Murderer is one of dead, not running free.

Praising you, helps lift the heart back to your light,
Knowing that your recompense, is just, and right,
Five more days, until we celebrate your birth,
Festive Praises, Celebrations, Salvation mirth.

1238> Snow falling steady, just like they said,
Not enough yet, it could be called a bed,
the wind has not yet started blowing hard,
If grass were white, I'd have a well trimmed yard.

This year, we also have the Mayan Calendar,
Ending, with a chance world ending, with a Flare,
The Bible indicates we have some time to go,
The Twenty-first, may be like a bad horror show.

1338 The mood outside is now quite glum,
Snow sticks to my house like chewing gum,
The streets are gone, my window cries,
The blizzard is here, no surprise.

The wind, I think, is not going to wait,
For a lot more snow on 'blowing plate,'
So, I think I'll go hide, take a mid-day nap,
Between morning and evening, nap fills the gap.


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