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Good Morning God 121212

Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2012, at 11:52 AM

Suspended, by the Will of God,
No corner to stop, or free,
We ride His mix, of Sea and Sod,
From dust, He makes you, and me.
Good Morning God 121212
By Arley Steinhour

Dear Father, God;
What a way to wake up,
One eyeball, at a time,
Slowly, mind begins to sup,
On light of day that makes life rhyme.

Hoar-frost on the bark of tree,
Sparkles bright, in ray of Sun,
Color's dancing wild and free,
Sun-Light has darkness on the run.

Chrystal sparkles take softer glow,
As flakes of ice, warm back to dew,
Thoughts, and Praise, begin to flow,
As I raise love and prayer, to You.

The gentle breeze reclaims the dew,
Lifting the vapor to a cloud,
To await a call, in sky of blue,
Be a rain-drop, or snow-flake, proud.

I lift my love, to you, on high,
Before I rise, and start my day,
As always, see You, in the sky,
Followed by daily work or play.

Soon, you send your Only Son,
To 'Snatch' His Bride, away,
Seven 'Days,' of Wedding Fun,
Before the Kingdom Rule can Play.

With Joy, in heart, and expectation,
Anxious, for His Trumpet's call,
When Jesus comes to claim His Nation,
Without corners, from which to fall.


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