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Blessing Blessing

Posted Sunday, December 9, 2012, at 12:34 PM

Seven Days, we dance and sing,
Celebrating the Wedding Feast,
Hearts, and Souls, soon take wing,
Every heart, that's purged of Yeast.
Blessing Blessing
By Arley Steinhour 120912

With a lightness in our step, today,
We sing, and whistle as we walk,
Praising you, in our awkward way,
As, to you, our hearts do talk.

This weekend, full of you, dear LORD,
Sabbath, Chanukah, and LORD's Day,
Preparing for You, 'mouthing the sword,'
Bless'ed are You, Oh LORD, we say.

Your Prophecies, a Blessing,
To some, Spiritual poke in eye,
Keeping the Watch, you're addressing,
Watching Clouds, up in the sky.

Events of today, show Prophetic sway,
Insanity, blends well with Hate,
At, killing and dying, many people play,
So their god's love won't dissipate.

May our life, in You, show all You do,
Saving the world, from Satan's path;
Redemption is Paid, Execution Stayed too,
From when You must use Your Wrath.

So much, Dear God, to Sing and Praise,
Heart filled, to the Brim, with water,
Changed to Spirit-Wine, for Eternal days,
For all your Sons, and Daughters.


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