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Travail Time

Posted Thursday, December 6, 2012, at 9:16 PM

Home Plate, should be where Trumpet Sounds,
For all the world to see and hear,
As Bridegroom starts His earthly rounds,
Collecting Bride, both far, and near.
Travail Time
By Arley Steinhour 120612

I wonder how you do it,
I cannot comprehend,
The best I do is see a bit,
Before sanity I need defend.

The world is going crazy,
Taking places on the stage,
Acting like we're lazy,
But with hearts, so full of rage.

The Shiite hates the Sunni,
The Sunni hates the Kurd,
Loving only when on the knee,
Total HATRED, when Jew's the word.

Coca Cola has lost its slogan,
Couldn't teach the world a thing,
Syria's making Nerve gas plan,
Jewish Souls, will soon take wing.

Syrian rebels at Assad's front door,
NATO forces locking down the rear,
Release of poison gas, and more,
Every nation holds breath, in fear.

Russia, China, arming, mighty hoards,
To keep power growth on-line,
Can't find truth through 'water-boards,'
Nervous sweat burns eyes, like brine.

Cast your covering over all in anticipation,
Of Travailish Times, completion soon at Term,
Usher in, 'Time of Great Tribulation,'
As your Holy Prophecy's confirm.

We pray the Bridegroom soon comes our way,
To Snatch His Bride, away from Judgment pain,
As Satan has last Seven years of sway,
While we Feast, Bride's Consummation day,


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-- Posted by walkwithhim on Fri, Dec 7, 2012, at 1:40 PM

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