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Good Morning God 120112

Posted Saturday, December 1, 2012, at 9:56 AM

Waking up with broken heart,
Could ruin prospect of great day,
A time of prayer, at the start,
Brightens the Son, in the Sun, His way.
Good Morning God 120112
By Arley Steinhour

Dear Father God,
I raise my arms, in Praise to you,
With heart and mind in prayer,
In thanks, to you, for Blessings True,
Ever-knowing, that You are there.

My heart is filled with questions,
The answers held within your word,
Beyond surface reading, hesitations,
When finding answers, never heard.

Oracles, sculpted in Hebrew culture,
Before, jot and Tittle on written page,
End Times, haunt, like soaring vulture,
Perfect Justice, the mortal wage.

The 'Gentile Days,' are closing,
Then, Tribulation, no less than fact,
Seven years of Sin-filled life, exposing,
'Mark' accepted, 'no turning back.'

Christians crying from wilderness,
Alley, Corner, roof-top, anywhere,
Invokes the 'Lost,' please confess,
Blessings, or Torment in flame, compare.

Like lemmings, people follow sin,
Rejecting the Love, You offer,
It looks as if You, dear God, can't win,
With so many an Atheist Scoffer.

You warned us of frustration,
You warned us of social pain,
You explained they'd deny creation,
And, of the Hatred, in their disdain.

Still, you want our services, to man,
Still, you call us to the mortal wall,
We Keep the Watch, best as we can,
Until, we hear Bridegroom's Trumpet call.

Thank you Father, I'm better now,
Each time I pray, you lend an ear,
You know the end, from start, somehow,
When you come, expect Great Cheer.


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