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Chicken Little Ponder

Posted Friday, November 30, 2012, at 6:03 PM

Living next door to a friend,
Is, at best, difficult, for most,
But, against Jihad, must defend,
Life has nothing, on which to Boast.
Chicken Little Ponder
By Arley Steinhour 113012

There's a chicken in my dresser drawer,
I think, today I'll just put it on,
I'll sound more like an 'Egg confessor,'
Than a Prophet, of the Son.

The U N pulled a dirty deed,
In a vote, just yesterday,
Against its every normal feed,
It made a country, without a way.

The voting, and the arguments,
Seemed stacked to say the least,
Somewhat like baking loaf of bread,
With no ingredients, except some yeast.

You just might get it started rising,
With a pinch of money flour,
But, demand for more not too surprising,
As they moan and groan outside the door.

Palestine, the Welfare country,
Without borders, or true identity,
Earned by lie and bribe, affrontery,
Must have corruption propensity.

In a way, their action makes me sad,
With this 'Great Victory' they think they've won,
What they want to do, makes God mad,
The 'Victory,' invokes the Wrath of the Son.

Fearing not, they demand, 'divide the land,'
Stand back, those who know they do err,
The Wrath, of the Son, crushes marauding band,
And the few survivors won't return to Ur.

The list, goes on and on, the destruction,
Damascus, ash heaped upon more ash,
That city gone, no more construction,
Possibly, Islam, gone in moment flash.

Perhaps, I'm off, a rung or two,
God's ladder is kind-of tall,
Read the Bible, the story is true,
Kingdom, on other side of Seven year wall.


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