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U S A Blessed to Fail

Posted Monday, November 19, 2012, at 2:19 PM

Take this down, and fetch me,
A Single Cheese, with fries,
If there's any left, or maybe free,
You may dine, with what survives.
U S A Blessed to Fail
By Arley Steinhour 111912

There's no Big Brother for U S A,
Who can take away our Woe,
The debt we now make, we can't pay,
As the Interest swallows total cash flow.

We are beyond that mark, today,
Our strength, dimly lit behind,
In a short time, others have their say,
'Where's that Mighty Nation, we can't find?'

America, will still have a place in life,
on a corner, begging, toothless and blind,
Condemned to a life, of service, and strife,
Owners of nothing, those God 'Left Behind.'

'Where is this mighty nation,' they'll say,
As they swagger past our tattered sash,
'We took their help, in Foreign Aid each day,
Until we sucked them dry, of cash.'

The new World leader, praises all they've done,
To make the 'Christian' nation fall,
It takes a year or two, of worldwide fun,
Until they notice, they've lost it all.

They had their day of fun and play,
Till they ended, back in debt,
This time, to Satan's filthy sway,
Big Brother America, can't cover the bet.

They wail, they cry, they think they'll die,
That's exactly what they do,
The well they drank from, was fully dry,
World populace, dwindles more than a Few.

Revival to God, of Christian and of Jew,
Through God's Elect, Great Revival starts,
Spirit filled Israel, starts teaching the Few,
Preaching Redemption, and baptizing hearts.

The U S A, has played its part well,
Sacrificed, for final Revival inception,
Marked souls refusing, end up in Hell,
Abrahamic promise fulfilled to Perfection.

For the reader, not saved, please bend a knee,
Confess that your sinful, ask Jesus to Bless you,
He'll welcome you back to where you should be,
Blessed into Heaven, not in Hell, with the Few.


Inspiration for this poem:
Treasury Secretary Geithner: Lift Debt Limit to Infinity


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