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Night Dream 111812

Posted Sunday, November 18, 2012, at 6:13 PM

There's no picture, I can offer,
That depicts the sadness in my heart,
Some folks will, faithful to the Scoffer,
Rebuff my dream right from the start.
Night Dream 111812
By Arley Steinhour

With your special Blessing,
May I enter this new day,
With greater joy, and help, suppressing,
The heavy weight of consternation, I Display.

I pray, what I see, in Obama,
Is not what I think I see,
I fear it is, he hates this land,
And wants our people, to not be free.

He wants to Rule, and be the King,
Messiah, by any other name,
He somehow persuades, through golden tongue,
To sway the masses, with growing fame.

I offer up my feelings,
Dear God, you know they're mine,
I honor you, and Praise you,
I know things turn out fine.

I never thought that people,
Would sell their mortal souls,
For something like Welfare handout,
That proves them all great fools.

As in the days of Noah,
And, oh yes, even Lot,
I do believe your prophecy,
Is about to come a-bout.

No matter how we told them,
Chicken Little they called me,
If you did as I said you promised,
What a Hero, I would be.

I must keep calling out, 'Repent,'
Come live within, Jesus' Tent
Repent, Repent, Repent,
Time of the Gentile is almost spent.

I pray I'm right, for a change,
Soon, you're coming for your Bride,
We'll find out, one of these days,
When you call, with arms opened wide.

And each day I'll say, what I need to say,
Until law-hounds kick down my door,
To take my Christian body away,
Laying dead, upon the floor.

Much like Peter, at Olivet hillside,
I feel I will, with strength, resist,
If I do, I hope they work with pride,
I won't feel where the bullet kissed.

It just a death, my first one,
So I can come home to you,
I'm just too old, fat, and ugly,
To do the job I used to do.

Dear Lord, I guess I ramble,
Bless today, as only you can,
No matter how things turn out,
Bless me as your Christian man.


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