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Posted Saturday, November 17, 2012, at 3:21 PM

Cut-off flowers in the vases,
Protective ring, for one and all,
Without Patriots, There'd be no traces,
Of Land of Freedom, for-which they fall.
By Arley Steinhour 111712
(Inspired by these flowers)

What do I see,
What do I say,
That's easy for me,
I see U S A,

The shape, is perfect,
The colors, too,
Look and Inspect,
Red, White, and Blue.

Every color include, in Countries Book,
Banded together, but separate too,
Cries U S A, everywhere I look,
Different, but same, like me and you.

This country's like a woven basket,
Has a place, for all that come,
Wanting Life, not Slavery Casket,
Forbidding Special rights, for 'Some.'

The flowers, stems, and even thorn,
Intertwined flexible, for Social Strength,
To better blow the Freedom Horn,
Having Life, of Greater Length.

The flowers, and Breadbasket shape,
In glory, invites 'Seeker,' or attack,
Those seeking, are offered protective cape,
'Attacker,' always be fought back.

Notice the ring of vases,
Surrounding the basket shape,
Flowers cut off, in hostile cases,
Defending Sight, Smell, and Shape.

The only true danger anywhere,
Might come, like rot, from within,
By seekers of special benefit care,
Destructive, just like Mortal Sin.

Involving, now, He who designed,
This wondrous Way of Life,
Sees the Rot, in stems entwined,
Causing great, internal, Strife.

No one will change their heart, it seems,
Worse yet, far fewer care,
Thinking of self, and selfish dreams,
We may lose our Freedom, we share.

In the name, of our Living God,
Take note, of what we're doing,
Prepare to bear His Iron Rod,
With Life-meat, not worth 'Shewing.'


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