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Good Morning God 111612

Posted Friday, November 16, 2012, at 5:57 PM

The FEMA camps, all, may soon fill up, In this land, that once was Free,
Drinking, full to empty, the Martyr's cup,
In this land, no one thought could be,
. . . . . . In Total Slavery . . . . . .
Good Morning God 111612
By Arley Steinhour

Dear Father God, my praise to you,
As I'm waking up this morning,
I know Lord, your Will be Done,
In this land, flowing sea to sea.

You've decided, Barach Obama,
Should serve another four,
My present thoughts are simply this,
You have judged this land, a whore.

I fear Civil Revolution,
From Patriotic, in the land,
No matter who you've chosen,
We'll lose America, so grand.

Through the years, we didn't watch,
And see how much we've changed,
Thinking all was going well,
We let greed turn into mange.

Our fiscal hair is falling out,
Scabs and Scales, infect the body,
Without your rain of blessings,
We become a Social desert waddi.

Freedom's path, beneath our feet,
Will constrain us, much less free,
until at shoreline, huddled in defeat,
Without a Moses, parting waters, not to see.

The pharaoh type, that hates us,
Will take many rebelling Patriot life,
Especially, of them that ever be,
Your Jew and Christian part of wife.

Dear Lord, I don't expect much,
As I know, your Will be Done,
May you soon receive the Church,
Rescued by your Blessed Son.


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