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Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012, at 10:30 AM

While lying sound asleep at night,
I often wake to Prayer and Light,
Often though, it's Angel flight,
With a message, God wants me do right.
Inspired by brother Charles Ryalls' Ponder/Discussion

By Arley Steinhour 111412

Dear Father, God, I come to you,
With Praise, and Supplication.,
With question raised, by more than few,
Concerning Fourth-Watch implication.

What time, Dear God, is best for man,
That we might lean on you, our Rock,
When life on earth is held within a span,
Perchance, Fourth Watch, Three O'clock?

Is that when your Angelic Messenger,
Passes through, collecting what we've done,
Good and bad, for placement in the Manger,
For contemplation, by Only Begotten Son?

Does he, then, deliver words from you,
To our hearts, without the Spirit-Fence,
To welcome guidance, from you, to do,
Valued on our ability, Denary, or a Pence?

A few of us have taken notice,
That we wake up most every night,
At or near Forth Watch time of Three,
From our sleep, eyes without sight.

We feel him there, just passing through,
For a time, or 'Blink of eye,'
that time of dreams, and things to do,
As you teach our hearts to fly.

A Visit often removes great pain,
Or, direct us on different life-tack,
That keeps us on the Path, for Gain,
Or take away, our load of life, from back.

May we serve you every mortal day,
In your blessings, Seven, Twenty-four,
May we wrestle not, but, live your way,
And, at Fourth Watch, keep learning more.


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