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Truth or Fiction

Posted Monday, November 12, 2012, at 4:29 PM

As a watchman on the wall,
You won't see much if eyelids fall,
The Time is such, none can compare,
Bridegroom soon comes, for us in the air.
Truth or Fiction
By Arley Steinhour 111212

Some people may call him Rabbi,
Others, Reverend, Father, or Pastor,
Wealthy Congregation , or poor and shabby,
Desire being, everyone call them Master.

He spends the day in scripture,
To better know Salvation's path,
To feed the Lambs at Spirit's pasture,
So they be Saved, not suffer Wrath.

Two Thousand ways of seeing,
Our, One and Only God,
Teaching His 'One way of Being,
Fully Saved, without Iron Rod.

Draw their pay, teach what they say,
Until the day, that they start getting old,
They'll author an 'Epistle-Mine,' one day,
And folks will think them, Oh-So-Bold.

'I was doing well, preaching Hell,' he says,
'When something changed my well laid plan,
Had an accident one day, on the highways,
Fell asleep at Seventy, and Fate did hit the fan.'

'I don't remember how I went,
But, suddenly I was there,
Before the Lord, giving my vent,
On why I qualified for His care.'

'He looked at me, with teary eye,
And spoke what I should never hear,
"You changed my word, I don't know why,
With Silver tongue, to tickle the ear."

"You said, Surrender, didn't matter,
Pay your tithe, and wear Sunday best,
Follow me, as Bible is ancient chatter,
Congregation could do, just like the rest."

"You even sold sinners, Absolution,
You catered to the Rich with flair,
You knew Adultery, and Prostitution,
Many in Hell await your presence there."

'May I return to life,' he pleaded,
'To undo what I have done,
To turn Congregation as needed,
To Repent before every one.'

He knew not, why Jesus did it,
'Jesus let me come back to you,
Please forgive, this evil pundit,
There's much undoing I must do.'

The Congregation, stood to cheer,
The Prayer-team came to the altar,
That he was lost, they had great fear,
Repentance and Jesus, could repair his 'falter.'

The story-line is fiction, but, my opinion, as I see,
A picture of what's happened to Jesus' Bride,
With the man-made Bible conjecture that be,
We judge Jesus, and cause Him to hide.

The time is so short, and we need to repent,
A Prophet would say, 'You're all on the outside,'
With prayer, and fasting, we regain His Tent,
God's sure to receive us, with arms open wide.


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