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Prayer of Tears

Posted Sunday, November 11, 2012, at 10:27 AM

God must weep, for those Lost Sheep,
Who've turned far away from HIM,
Should He Rest, He'd lose much sleep,
As they fill their 'Sin-cup,' to the brim.
........Does this Ring any Bells??........
Prayer of Tears
By Arley Steinhour 111112

I come to you, this day, to pray,
Help me make it through this day,
The world, it seems, has gone insane,
Just like Travail, increasing pain.

Your Will be Done, we know and cry,
With all the signs, quite soon, we fly,
Salvation from the Tribulation,
Will leave behind, a wandering Nation.

Most won't know, only few will care,
They're Left Behind, with Churches bare,
The government, will tell great lies,
Soon it determines, who lives or dies.

The Joy, of coming Home is great,
But still I mourn those with darker fate,
A 'Mark' mandated, to buy or sell,
To take it, dooms the soul to Hell.

Dear Jesus, help me wash away,
The pain I feel that they won't pay,
The Price you ask, stands 'zero' tall,
Still they reject Salvation's Call.

The choice is theirs, which Eternity,
To be with You, or Flame destiny,
The picture that the Satan displays,
Make fools of many, in so many ways.

You gave us centers of knowing pleasure,
With limits far beyond our measure,
Satan has tapped into man's pleasure senses,
So man against you, would built great fences.

We of Faith, don't mind the slur,
Of being called, Degenerate Cur,
Or worse, by Foe and Friend,
'Person of insane mental bend.'

You know already, all I have said,
So I'll send this prayer, as if to bed,
So many refusing your offer, as 'Lie,'
Not much time left for my heart to cry.

As You wept, before calling Lazarus home,
I weep for those refusing seed you've sown,
'Salvation by Grace,' has but a short time left,
For unsaved to 'Choose You,' and not be bereft.


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