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Gods Blessed Tent

Posted Wednesday, November 7, 2012, at 4:19 PM

Cloud by day, Fire by night,
When God came to visit,
There's quite a sight,
Just ahead, of 'What is It?'
Gods Blessed Tent
By Arley Steinhour 110712

When our life-story, is judged, at the Altar,
With reward meted in Jesus' hand,
Accepted, at Bema, we never more falter,
In Heaven's, Blessed, Eternal, Stand.

The dross of our lives, that decay,
Is rendered away from the good,
Justified clean, by His Grace on that day,
Imperfection, Sin, left where we stood.

Answers sought, fulfilled in thought,
With a query no longer the seed,
On Cross, wet with blood, we're bought,
Through His blood, no longer be weed.

Full grafted into God's single Nation,
Neither Jew, nor Gentile, are we,
Inheritors all, divers but one Station,
With God as our King, Free we be.

Through Two Thousand Years,
We've been called to Repent,
Born in Sin, with life's cursive fears,
Salvation provides God's Blessed Tent.

In His Grace, all our debt,
Goes to deepest abyss,
Should there be problems yet,
God heals, with a kiss.

Jesus, is waiting for us to Repent,
Mortal's refusing, and Angels that Fell,
Without protection, by God and His Tent,
Eternal they suffer, in the Fires of Hell.


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